jdev - 2021-11-12

  1. lovetox

    is there a reason why the error namespace is not on the error element?

  2. lovetox


  3. Zash

    Historical Reasons

  4. Zash

    Historical Reasons™

  5. Zash

    <error> is in the jabber:client namespace

  6. Zash

    in Theory® you could `<error xmlns:e><e:condition/><e:text>it broke</e:text></error>`

  7. Zash

    Except for previously discussed lack of confidence in the reliability of namespace prefixes

  8. Zash

    lovetox, so basically, <error> predates those namespaced conditions, and existed in oooooold jabber and got grandfathered in and I assume the extended conditions and text etc were added during IETF standardization

  9. lovetox

    k thanks :)

  10. Zash

    `<error code="nnn">text maybe?</error>` or something