jdev - 2021-11-18

  1. lovetox

    when the support room of the xmpp server software project answers with : Too many users in this conference

  2. lovetox


  3. MattJ


  4. MattJ

    Out of curiosity, which?

  5. MattJ

    Someone was getting this error using Converse.js in the Snikket chat yesterday, and I've seen it before

  6. MattJ

    But Prosody (which hosts the MUC) has no occupant limit

  7. lovetox


  8. Zash

    This is because MUC is silly and redefines the generic "I don't understand" error (service-unavailable) for some silly silly reason.

  9. Holger

    lovetox: XMPP is just becoming too popular. That's the downside of all the hype.

  10. Holger

    (Bumped the limit.)

  11. lovetox

    we need to make more shitty clients to counteract the hype

  12. Zash

    Make XMPP Shitty Again!

  13. MattJ

    Wasn't that your original Council application?

  14. Zash

    Yes 😀

  15. Holger

    So it's Zash's fault?

  16. Zash

    Seems Council was the wrong place to execute on that vision.

  17. Zash

    Holger, well is XMPP closer to 2006 now than 2 years ago?

  18. Holger


  19. Holger

    TBH to me it _feels_ like it keeps declining. But then again it seems the public rooms _are_ growing participant numbers over time. Maybe I'm just listening too much to the "XMPP is dying" mantra.

  20. Zash

    Stay off of HN and feel how much better your life becomes ;)

  21. Holger

    "Keep calm and listen to Zash."

  22. jonas’

    Zash isn't wrong