jdev - 2021-11-20

  1. Sam

    Is anyone aware of a client that supports XEP-0144: Roster Item Exchange? I'd be curious how it's used.

  2. Zash

    I wanna say Gajim

  3. Zash

    For getting contacts from gateways abd such

  4. Sam

    Oh huh, thought I checked that one. I'll look again, thanks.

  5. Sam

    (also that's not a use case I thought of, that's a good one)

  6. Sam

    Hmm, I don't see it in the disco info, but maybe I should just find some way to try it

  7. Sam

    oh yah, works fine if I send myself a constructed stanza, just not in the disco stuff. Weird.

  8. Sam

    I really don't understand the data model in this XEP… the roster item has the add or delete action on it, but you can only do one thing, so that's uselessly duplicated among the items instead of being a part of the <x/> element? Or am I missing something obvious and this is intentional?

  9. Zash

    Where does it say only one thing can be done?

  10. Sam

    in the business rules section

  11. Sam

    > The sending entity or sending application MUST NOT send additions, deletions, and modifications in the same <x/> element

  12. Zash


  13. Zash

    There's also https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0321.html which works between the gateway and the server, for that use case.

  14. Sam

    Seems more complicated (also deferred while roster item exchange is stable and in use already)

  15. Zash

    Doesn't seem particularly complicated to me. Allows nicer UX. Doesn't require client support. Supported by Spectrum. Prosody with an addon module.

  16. Sam

    It would require client support to approve requests to manage the roster, no? Maybe I misread. If not, I dunno if I'd want the server giving permission on my behalf. I'll go read it in more depth though.

  17. Sam

    oh no, just support for displaying forms, got it.

  18. Sam

    or responding bot style.

  19. Zash

    Or some server-side list of known transports

  20. Sam


  21. Sam

    yah, I guess it's about the same. Having all the permissions stuff and giving the transport the full roster seems a bit weird, but I guess it makes sense for gateways

  22. Zash

    The prosody module seems to filter the roster for *@origin-component

  23. Sam

    That would make more sense

  24. Zash

    Deferredness is probably more indicative of the lack of interest in transports in the last decade or so 🙂

  25. Sam

    Yah, probably

  26. Sam

    Still, if it's a choice between something that's stable vs. something that may or may not even have an active author…

  27. Zash

    ``` -- mod_remote_roster -- -- This is an experimental implementation of http://jkaluza.fedorapeople.org/remote-roster.html ```

  28. Zash