jdev - 2021-11-29

  1. edhelas


  2. lovetox

    note app nr . 1021312312

  3. edhelas

    lovetox yes but this time it's different

  4. lovetox

    insane that gitlab has 40.000 open issues

  5. lovetox

    or lets say i find it insane, dont know how big software shops work

  6. lovetox

    but they probably need lots of people just to manage issues

  7. jonas’

    it's their platform performance test :)

  8. lovetox

    yeah i also thought that

  9. lovetox

    but if you try to find a issue

  10. lovetox

    good luck

  11. jonas’


  12. Zash

    UX test .. failed

  13. pep.

    Also stalebot..

  14. jonas’

    worst thing ever

  15. pep.

    Yep :(

  16. jonas’

    I was victim of a stalebot just last week

  17. pep.

    I've been victim of a stablebot many time. We should put together an anonymous group

  18. pep.


  19. pep.


  20. pep.

    (Yes I corrected the failed correction)

  21. pep.


  22. pulkomandy

    Nn one made a pingbot/bumpbot to defeat stalebot yet?

  23. Zash

    bot fight!

  24. pulkomandy

    No one made a pingbot/bumpbot to defeat stalebot yet?

  25. pep.

    pulkomandy, "answer every message of stalebot"? :D

  26. jonas’


  27. pulkomandy

    Well, if you are as evil as stalebot developers, just post a message every two weeks saying "hi! It looks like no developer has looked into this issue yet, I'm commenting on it so it doesn't get closed"