jdev - 2021-12-20

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  178. Wojtek

    quick question - in pubsub what should be the order of returned items/nodes in the response?

  179. flow

    Wojtek, xep60 example 79 seems to use oldest to newest

  180. Wojtek

    @flow yeah, examples (even 85 in 6.5.7 for the most recent items) seems to use that order but it's not specified - correct? (and we would have "XEP-0413: Order-By" for that?)

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  187. flow

    Wojtek, is also don't find it specified in xep60 (which doesn't meant that it isn't in there ;))

  188. Wojtek

    I searched "order" / "oldest" / "newest" and couldn't find it nor I remember it being there hence me asking if I missing something :-) though, we still arrive at the "examples are not normative" conundrum :-)

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  192. Zash

    If the text doesn't say anything, what harm will come from following the examples?

  193. Zash

    There's https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0413.html

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  199. Omar

    Hi everyone , I'm a beginner and i don't know if this is the right place to ask my question, so sorry if it's not. If I wan't to use xmpp (ejabberd) in developing a social network (php). how do I connect the two in such way that when the user connects is logged in directly to the xmpp server (strophe ...) ?? if I have some rules on who can message who and how many contacts you can add , how do I prevent the users from using third party clients ? Anything can help , plz ! if y'all have any discord servers or something plz share! Thanks a lot

  200. Omar

    Hi everyone , I'm a beginner and i don't know if this is the right place to ask my question, so sorry if it's not. If I wan't to use xmpp (ejabberd) in developing a social network (php). how do I connect the two in such way that when the user connects. he is logged in directly to the xmpp server (strophe ...) ?? if I have some rules on who can message who and how many contacts you can add , how do I prevent the users from using third party clients ? Anything can help , plz ! if y'all have any discord servers or something plz share! Thanks a lot

  201. emus

    there is movim what may comes most close to what you look for in terms of discord. but officially there is not

  202. Omar

    emus , thanks man, I meant if there is a discord server for xmpp/jabber dev !

  203. pulkomandy

    > If the text doesn't say anything, what harm will come from following the examples? Harm will come from relying on other implementations following the examples

  204. Zash

    We have XMPP, why would we need Discord?

  205. Zash

    Omar, you could look at Movim for inspiration, it's basically what you describe. Social network written in PHP with an XMPP server as backend.

  206. Omar

    aah I see , thanks a lot 🙂

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  210. Wojtek

    @Zash already mentioned it in the first message :-) and I think there is no harm in following examples, but those are non normative so there is no obligation to follow them.

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  262. pep.

    https://framaforms.org/xmpp-code-forge-1639934950 I made this little form for a XMPP-specific code forge. Any project maintainer (past, present, future) who wants to answer it, please go ahead :)

  263. pep.

    https://framaforms.org/xmpp-code-forge-1639934950 I made this little form for an XMPP-specific code forge. Any project maintainer (past, present, future) who wants to answer it, please go ahead :)

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  265. flow

    pep I would welcome general place for the xmpp developer *and* user community, including forge (probably gitlab), discussion venue (probably discourse) and a poll system to get an idea about what the community things (like proposed protcol changes)

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  270. flow

    and I would be happy with establishing such a thing (assuming that one can agree on a shared vision)

  271. pep.

    Maybe write that in there. I'm only gathering feedback atm to see if it's worth it

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  273. pep.

    I think I'd like something like fd.o basically (in spirit, not exactly the same), but for XMPP

  274. pep.


  275. Zash

    > Do you have your own forge? would it make sense to have an option for the most basic code hosting? like hgweb, gitweb, that kind of thing?

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  277. pep.

    An option where? In the survey?

  278. Zash


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  280. pep.

    You want a list? Can't write that in comments? :p

  281. Zash

    Too late, too lazy!

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  289. pep.

    what was the fedora thing again

  290. Zash


  291. pep.


  292. pep.


  293. pep.


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  295. flow

    I still fear that if we talk about a forge are unnecessarly limit the scope of what could actual be usefull

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  297. pep.

    I just took one element for now. If you write that in comment, and if more write that in comments, maybe I'll do another survey with moar

  298. pep.

    Zash, I added that list!

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  301. pulkomandy

    Anyone looked into fossil? I would like to try it, maybe

  302. pulkomandy

    Otherwise for git my preference goes to Gerrit+Trac but it's probably an unpopular opinion

  303. pulkomandy

    And mainly because I used that for too long, and no really good reasons

  304. pep.

    I've used fossil a bit in the past. Mostly for the wiki really, not the versioning system :P

  305. pep.

    Results are public btw, and "anonymous" (no name)

  306. pep.

    For the survey

  307. pep.

    Thanks to those who already answered. I'll let it run for a week or two I guess

  308. pep.

    flow, also I'm not sure I want to take on too much just yet. Dunno how much time I'll be able to invest in it exactly

  309. pep.

    I see how having all of the things you're talking about could be useful, now I prefer to see if there is interest first

  310. pep.

    also surveys.. they're never right

  311. Zash

    did you say selection bias?

  312. pep.


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  328. lovetox

    does anyone have a suggestion for a software that allows me to track errors in my application which users send?

  329. lovetox

    lets say there is a error, and the user can click "send error report"

  330. lovetox

    may there is some web app that gathers the info and shows it with some nice UI

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  334. MattJ

    lovetox, Sentry is typically used for this

  335. MattJ

    It's open-source and self-hostable, and there is a hosted option available

  336. MattJ

    I know people who self-host it, but my attempt failed (I suspect my server did not have enough resources, but I'm not entirely sure)

  337. lovetox

    ah i heard of that, thanks

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