jdev - 2021-12-21

  1. pep.

    Got more answers on the form, thanks for answering! https://framaforms.org/xmpp-code-forge-1639934950 reminder for those who haven't seen it :)

  2. pep.

    Spoiler alert, it's al different answers atm

  3. pep.

    Spoiler alert, it's alldifferent answers atm

  4. contrapunctus


  5. jonas’

    pep., the basic set of requirements misses "federation with github.com/gitlab.com"

  6. pep.


  7. pep.

    There's a lot of thing that go behind this word

  8. pep.

    There's a lot of things that go behind this word

  9. pep.


  10. jonas’

    OAuth at the very least, but I'm more thinking of true federation of PRs/MRs.

  11. edhelas

    lets make a new XEP-xxxx: GIT over XMPP

  12. pep.

    jonas’: I'm not sure what that means

  13. pep.

    Is that a thing already?

  14. jonas’

    no, it's not

  15. pep.

    Then I'll include it in my wish list for Christmas

  16. pep.

    Of course I'd like federation

  17. msavoritias

    If you add gittea though they are working for federation with thn forgefed/forge friends specification

  18. jonas’

    I'm sure that'll work with git{lab,hub}.com

  19. pulkomandy

    How would it even work? These things all have slightly different workflows (even if you don't have CI pipelines)

  20. pulkomandy

    Also, can we authenticate to this new forge using xmpp? We can assume everyone already has an account there, right?

  21. Zash

    Obviously never XMPP, can't have nice things you know

  22. Zash

    I'd guess ActivityPub

  23. msavoritias

    Yeah its on top of activity pub. jonas’: with github/gitlab lock in is a feature not a bug.

  24. contrapunctus

    > lets make a new XEP-xxxx: GIT over XMPP Where Mercurial fans 🙃

  25. debacle

    If an application uses multiple PEP nodes with whitelist access model, is there a way to make sure, they have the same whitelist? I'm worried, that a JID is added to one PEP node, but it fails for the second one, and the application would not work because of the mismatch. Any idea?

  26. jonas’

    I don't think so, unless the whitelist happens to be the roster, in which case you can use that :)

  27. flow

    sounds like a job for a new XEP: pubsub allowlist as node

  28. Zash

    Maybe reconsider whether it should be multiple nodes?

  29. Zash

    I think 0084 could have used a single node and notifications without payloads instead of the data/metadata separation

  30. Zash

    Except for that not being part of the mandatory feature PEP subset

  31. Zash

    Except for that not being part of the mandatory PEP subset of features

  32. debacle

    Zash I fear, that we *really* need multiple nodes for our use case. We decided against roster subscription, when we started implementation, but now I don't remember, why :-( I'm sure, it had a disadvantage, but what was it?

  33. debacle

    flow In the long run, that sounds like a good idea. Also for "social network" / "micro blogging". edhelas goffi to the rescue :-) For now, we will either work around the potential issues or change allowlist to roster and be bitten by whatever disadvantage that might have...

  34. Zash

    The actual "roster" access model (which uses roster *groups*), or the default "presence"?

  35. Zash

    Neither makes much sense without being tied to some user, like PEP

  36. goffi

    debacle: I think it could be managed with pubsub collections (XEP-0248)

  37. debacle

    Zash I wasn't even aware, that roster groups can be used for access.

  38. debacle

    goffi Is that implemented somewhere?

  39. goffi

    debacle: well Libervia Pubsub has an implementation inehrited from Idavoll, but unused and untested. Also I have a problem with permission management with collections for a long time, I need to make a PR and launch a discussion about that on standard@. Thus I'm mentioning it as an theorical option, but I'm not sure if this is usable in production in your case.

  40. goffi

    (my problem is that collection node permissions override the leaf nodes permissions)

  41. Zash

    Hmmm hierarchical access control lists?

  42. debacle

    goffi Maybe in the future, but now we need something, that can be used since two months ago ;-) Deadlines... I'll find my notes about what was wrong with roster subscription, print and burn them.

  43. goffi

    roster is about pubsub service roster, do you known a service which handles that? Libervia Pubsub also has a non-standard permission model to use publisher's roster, and it can be fine tuned at item level. But maybe if you can explain your use case it would be easier to find a solution.

  44. debacle

    goffi There is a client (= one JID) that does publish data on multiple of its PEP nodes, and some clients (= other JIDs) should be able to get that data. The data is related, so different allowlists would lead to complex error handling. I'm pretty sure, we could benefit from collection nodes at some point in the future.

  45. goffi

    yeah it really smells like a perfect use case for node collections.

  46. goffi

    maybe check which services implement it

  47. debacle

    goffi I think, that I checked prosody and ejabberd back then and both were not supporting that XEP, IIRC.

  48. goffi

    you can't try with Libervia Pubsub, but as I've said it's not really tested. Otherwise I guess you only current option is to use separated whitelist, and make feature requests on various Pubsub Services.

  49. goffi


  50. goffi

    debacle: Idavoll (the project from which Libervia Pubsub has been forked years ago) has pubsub collections and should be easy to install. Only issue is that it is unmaintained.

  51. goffi

    s/you can't try/you can try/

  52. debacle

    goffi We try to use something as mainstream as possible. Using XMPP instead of e.g. MQTT is already non-mainstream, of course ;-)

  53. test1

    jonas’, my client gives me the following warning

  54. test1

    (jabber.fr) Avatar mismatch: jdev@muc.xmpp.org/jonas’ 26ac2f84-c7a5-4022-a178-3c0ebf53cb77 != 37cba76057638d0b0a4aaa049d0a456ac64e4e82

  55. lovetox-

    sorry lovetox here :)

  56. lovetox-

    seems you announce a different hash then in your vcard is then found

  57. pep.

    Is there something defining filters on disco#items?