jdev - 2022-01-08

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  16. Link Mauve

    qy, your response was wrong, what more would you want?

  17. Link Mauve

    You’re expected to respect the protocol, not invent your own one. ^^'

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  20. Link Mauve

    There is indeed no mechanism for notifying of an error happening as a result of an error or result stanza.

  21. Zash


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  24. Link Mauve

    qy, note that in the case of caps, it’s kind of adversarial as if the server didn’t verify the hash, anyone could poison the cache with invalid data.

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  26. Zash

    FWIW Prosody ignores the hash in the response and calculates it itself for cache keying

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  28. Link Mauve

    Oh, so it could like, intercept all disco#info results ever, and build a caps cache, and automatically reply to all other requests?

  29. Link Mauve

    Ah no, because of the node part.

  30. Link Mauve


  31. Link Mauve

    Now that the bookmarks situation is solved, let’s migrate to ecaps2 too.

  32. Link Mauve

    It will solve all problems and be great!

  33. Zash


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  39. qy

    Link Mauve: no i just meant some "im rejecting this response" message wouldnt hurt

  40. qy

    If it's a thing that happens it makes it impossible to debug incorrect implementations for example

  41. qy

    So i _think_ i've done it now but who the damn hell knows

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  61. qy

    > Zash wrote: > FWIW Prosody ignores the hash in the response and calculates it itself for cache keying So it wasnt even an issue, goddamn it

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  183. Sam

    Link Mauve: I just saw that you added block size support to mod_tcpproxy, thanks; immediately fixed an issue I was about to run into before I knew to ask :)

  184. Sam

    I don't understand the lua beyond copy-pasting and modifying it to take the endpoint from the config file. Can you (or maybe MattJ) confirm that it doesn't actually close the connection if you send the ibb <close>? I'm getting the connection, but having trouble in my read loop because I never get an EOF or anything to shutdown on

  185. Link Mauve

    I’ve never used this module, only fixed this blatant violation of XEP-0047 I found yesterday.

  186. Sam

    Ah gotcha; thanks for that

  187. Link Mauve

    Note that it still isn’t used, you can still get a <data/> containing more data than the requested block-size.

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  189. Sam

    I can close the connection on my end I guess and ignore the resulting "read from closed connection" the read loop will get. Feels weird though that prosody is leaving it hanging or some other weird thing is going on and I can't tell it's closed.

  190. Sam

    (which works, the test passes and I get back the same data over TCP that I originally wrote over IBB)

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  195. Sam

    Also, there was a scripting thing a while back that let you write small scripts (in Lua? Maybe it was related to Prosody?) to do XMPP things. Does that sound familiar to anyone? The internet is being useless, but I should probably find something like that to write integration tests against too since I'll eventually want tests that also create an IBB stream and send it to me as opposed to the other way around

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  197. Sam

    Nevermind, I think it was Scansion; found it! (weirdly by searching for a completely unrelated term, that was very hard to find)

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  202. Zash

    Do we need a tools category at https://xmpp.org/software/ ?

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  204. MattJ

    I think so

  205. Zash

    https://xmpp.org/software/libraries/ > title: XMPP Libraries & Tools 🤨️

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  208. MattJ


  209. emus

    Zash, MattJ: yes that was me. but I think you can drop your tools here

  210. emus

    then we can change the domain

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  220. wurstsalat

    emus: yes?

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  247. Zash

    Where does the line between tool and client even go?

  248. Zash

    Let's drop everything and spend a few months developing a thorough taxonomy of software!

  249. emus

    wurstsalat: can we simply change the domain?

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  251. emus

    Zash: Tool is jist something which does not clearly goes into the other category. e.g. badxmpp or mattj's migrator

  252. emus

    > Zash escribió: > Let's drop everything and spend a few months developing a thorough taxonomy of software! yes please!

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  254. Zash

    a start: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/1040

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  275. Zash

    badxmpp and migrator you say?

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  277. wurstsalat

    are snikket server tools usable in stand-alone use cases?

  278. Zash

    Hm, what tools are you thinking of?

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  280. wurstsalat

    nothing in particular

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  306. defanor

    Speaking of integration testing, sometimes I think it'd be neat to have a repository with a bunch of tests for testing different implementations together, yet being lazy even to start composing anything like that. I think there's a name for integration testing events, something like "plug party" (though not that); a continuous/ongoing and automated version of that is what I imagine.

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  309. defanor

    Found the word: it's a "plugfest".

  310. Zash

    Not ... Interop testing event?

  311. defanor

    I guess you can call it that if you don't like fun names.

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  320. Zash

    You certainly do some things using scansion, since it's a thing that emulates a bunch of clients. E.g. s2s tests, run a play with two clients connecting to different servers and exchange messages and stuff.

  321. Zash

    There was the idea of adding a server mode, so it would act as a scripted server instead of scripted clients, to allow testing clients. But that's just an idea so far.

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