jdev - 2022-01-12

  1. xnamed

    I'm writing a XEP, any of you like to help at least with reviewing it before publishing?

  2. Stefan

    Sam: There is a small bug in xmppc https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1002632 I fixed it on master. Workaround for the release is, just create the config file.

  3. Sam

    Stefan: I ended up using aioxmpp as my next thing to test against; a bit trickier to get working than an actual application like xmxppc (which is what the testing harness was designed for), but well worth it since I'll have basically any XEP I support to test against

  4. contrapunctus

    xnamed: why not share the XEP too?

  5. xnamed

    contrapunctus: what makes you think I don't want to share it?

  6. Zash

    Isn't that what Experimental is for?

  7. contrapunctus

    xnamed: I'm saying you might get more responses if you share the document in addition to your request.

  8. xnamed

    I still don't know the tools very well

  9. xnamed

    I just wanted to make a good clear document before uploading it

  10. jonas’

    xnamed, I (Editor hat on) can take a look, but you'd have to put it somewhere I can see it.

  11. jonas’

    If you like you can make the PR on github in Draft mode first, then I'll provide feedback there before publishing it as ProtoXEP

  12. xnamed

    jonas’: OK I will check

  13. xnamed

    Thank you

  14. Zash

    Feedback on github?😨

  15. jonas’

    Zash, editorial feedback

  16. jonas’

    technical feedback only after publication as ProtoXEP :)

  17. jonas’

    "don't know the tools very well" sounds like editorial feedback is desired :)