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  264. Sam There was a discussion in another room earlier about bookmarks support so I asked around and made a summary of current support for the various specs people are using. Here it is, if anyone else is interested: https://mellium.im/issue/258
  265. Sam TL;DR please go update your servers to support the PEP Native Bookmarks conversion, it's very low right now and having every client implement 3 specs and all in slightly different ways is going to make the upgrade path difficult.
  266. Link Mauve Sam, are you aware of this documentation btw? https://docs.modernxmpp.org/client/groupchat/#bookmarks
  267. Sam I was not, thank you!
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  269. Zash Prosody 0.12 (Soon™) will ship with it included and most likely enabled by default. How fare the other servers?
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  272. Sam Ejabberd has no support, as far as I can tell
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  275. Sam (those are the only two I looked into since I assume the vast majority of services use one of those two and the other servers will likely follow suit)
  276. Link Mauve Sam, note that the upgrade thingy isn’t about converting from old to new, it is about exposing all three protocols to access a single data store.
  277. Sam Also Tigase presumably supports it since their clients only use PEP Native
  278. Link Mauve So when you modify one using one client, it gets broadcasted to all other resources.
  279. Sam Sure
  280. Link Mauve Still an important distinction I think, which “conversion” doesn’t convey.
  281. Sam I'd be very curious to see what happens to the compliance checker if prosody 0.12 is released; I suspect it would be a pretty big bump.
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  284. Zash FWIW mod_bookmarks in Prosody does both XEP-0402 conversion and XEP-0411 conversions, in the same module.
  285. Link Mauve Sam, nah, all of the Debian users will only use it five years later when the current distribution becomes oldoldstable.
  286. Sam Fair point.
  287. Zash Link Mauve, outch
  288. Zash Don't remind me about the oldoldoldstable users
  289. Link Mauve sings in ArchLinux servers~
  290. Sam That sort of thing might be addressable though; eg. we could ask Debian to include the module by default and ask large services to upgrade
  291. Link Mauve Debian doesn’t touch existing releases, except for very important security issues..
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  296. Link Mauve Debian doesn’t touch existing releases, except for very important security issues.
  297. Zash and backports
  298. Zash modulo backports
  299. Link Mauve Which approximately nobody uses.
  300. Sam backports is what I was thinking
  301. Zash Appropriately nobody uses XMPP to begin with, so surely a lot of those use backports too! 😀
  302. Sam But yah, I have no idea how widespread debian is or how widespread backports is in there. May or may not be an issue.
  303. Zash Link Mauve, also, [citation needed]
  304. Sam Is anyone aware of any clients other than converse.js that *only* support Bookmarks v1.1 and not PEP Native or Private XML?
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  306. Link Mauve Movim used to do that, so its older versions.
  307. Sam I assume web stuff gets updated fast, so unless that's wide spread that's probably fine
  308. Sam I'm torn. I don't want to implement yet another thing just for one client, but I feel like web stuff is important to retain compatibility with
  309. Zash Tell that to Electron apps installed into /opt
  310. Link Mauve Sam, my recommendation on modernxmpp was based on client support btw.
  311. Link Mauve Sam, Converse is often combined with Prosody, which will soon have mod_bookmarks enabled.
  312. Sam *nods* I came to a similar conclusion. Although for other reasons I want to implement privatexml based stuff even less because I have basic pep/pubsub and it's somewhat re-usable, but don't have any private XML and it would require a lot more boilerplate work
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  314. Link Mauve So I stand by my recommendation in modernxmpp. :)
  315. Link Mauve Maybe in a few years we can fully deprecate Private XML.
  316. Link Mauve Maybe in a few decades we can fully deprecate Private XML.
  317. Zash There was the idea of just translating it server-side to XEP-0223
  318. Link Mauve Yay for a fourth storage method!
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  353. nephele is pep native the bookmarks 2 stuff or is that yet something else?
  354. Link Mauve Yes, it is that one.
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  356. Link Mauve It got renamed when it got made Stable IIRC.
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  360. nephele still no dark mode for modern xmpp :(
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  366. moparisthebest nephele, what do you mean ?
  367. Link Mauve moparisthebest, when the browser requests a dark theme, modernxmpp still serves light CSS.
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  369. Zash patches welcome?
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  371. Link Mauve IIRC I already experimented once.
  372. Link Mauve Or maybe it was for prosody.im?
  373. Zash badxmpp
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