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  101. pulkomandy Hello, I'm trying to implement some xhtml-im in Renga so I can get irc colors and styling from Biboumi. But I don't see the xhtml in the messages I receive. I am testing with messages stored in the backlog of a muc (no mam implementation yet in renga), could that be a problem? What else should I check?
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  106. pulkomandy I have added the namespace to my disco info (I think), and it doesn't seem to help
  107. moparisthebest I didn't know biboumi did xhtml-im
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  109. pulkomandy https://github.com/louiz/biboumi/blob/master/src/bridge/colors.cpp A very small subset of it, to render some of IRC formatting (foreground and colors, bold, italics, underline)
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  163. Maranda pulkomandy: last I checked biboumi did appear to strip all XHTML-IM from reflected messages
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  173. Link Mauve Maranda, it doesn’t parse XHTML-IM from XMPP clients, but it does convert IRC formatting to XHTML-IM.
  174. Link Mauve pulkomandy, I have never tested it from the MAM history, but looking at the sqlite schema it doesn’t seem to store it.
  175. Maranda Link Mauve: well but if a xmpp client sends a message containing XHTML-IM is it supposed to reflect it back mangling the stanza and stripping the XHTML-IM content?
  176. Link Mauve Maranda, yes, since it couldn’t parse the XHTML-IM it just reflects the body.
  177. Link Mauve So that you don’t think it worked and have the same view as other IRC users.
  178. Maranda Does it preserve the id at least?
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  181. Link Mauve Not sure.
  182. Link Mauve IRC also doesn’t have this concept.
  183. Maranda is trying to figure a bug with bifrost
  184. Maranda Which is not exactly a bug... But biboumi not preserving id on reflection and mangling the stanza completely confused deduplication indeedly
  185. Maranda Which is not exactly a bug... But biboumi not preserving id on reflection and mangling the stanza completely confuses deduplication indeedly
  186. Maranda probably should also keep a hash of the message body
  187. Link Mauve Maranda, an issue with that is how to handle split messages?
  188. Link Mauve Say you sent a message over two lines, and got a reflection of the first line in one message, and the second line in another message.
  189. Link Mauve What should you do? What should biboumi do?
  190. Maranda Huhu but is there actually a need to split out reflected messages on the XMPP Horizon...?
  191. Maranda thinks not.
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  193. Link Mauve Well, this is about IRC, not XMPP.
  194. Link Mauve IRC doesn’t support messages longer than 512 bytes (including your recipient name, some command, and the phase of the moon).
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  196. pulkomandy > pulkomandy, I have never tested it from the MAM history, but looking at the sqlite schema it doesn’t seem to store it. That's a bit unexpected, so MAM loses all formatting and possibly anything in a message that it doesn't support? Not really what I expect from an archive?
  197. Link Mauve Actually if the IRC colors are stored in the body in the table it might, but I have no easy way to test MAM here, especially not with formatting, since I have no other IRC client than biboumi.
  198. Maranda Link Mauve: well if I send a message longer than 512 bytes it's fine if it gets split on IRC, less so if the reflected message by biboumi MUC interface gives me back 2 messages instead of one, not that it's forbidden or anything by the spec that I can recall.. but for sure that may confuse some clients.
  199. Link Mauve Maranda, you’d be confused as well if you got kicked for having flooded a room, and not understand why because to you it was a single message.
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  201. Maranda Well if biboumi does mangle the stanza, doesn't preserve the id, may not preserve the message body contents and even split out reflections, I got nothing to match on 😆
  202. Maranda Oookay
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  207. nephele ircv3 has message ids link mauve
  208. Link Mauve Might be useful, could you mention that on the biboumi bug tracker?
  209. Link Mauve Do IRC servers use this extension?
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  212. nephele I don't know, i have not investigated it much
  213. nephele https://ircv3.net/specs/extensions/message-ids
  214. nephele Where is the bugtracker?
  215. Link Mauve At https://lab.louiz.org/louiz/biboumi/-/issues
  216. nephele You need message tags enabled to use that spec anyhow, you could also use message tags to store xmpp specific data potentially
  217. Link Mauve How does that work?
  218. Link Mauve Is it a container for arbitrary payloads?
  219. nephele kinda, yeah
  220. nephele "Message tags are a mechanism for adding additional metadata on a per-message basis. This is achieved via an extension to the protocol message format, enabled via capability negotiation."
  221. nephele spec: https://ircv3.net/specs/extensions/message-tags
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  225. nephele link mauve: any specific ticket? or just put the link somewhere?
  226. Link Mauve I’m not sure, and I’m going to take a nap, yesterday has been tiring.
  227. Link Mauve Sorry, if you haven’t found anything I’ll look for one in about one hour or so.
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  230. nephele okay, I didn't know where you wanted that info, I'd have to dig out my gitlan credentials... so if you want to add it that is cool too :)
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  240. pulkomandy I confirm that I get xhtml-im for new irc messages but not from muc backlog. That makes my testing a bit more difficult, being able to re-check the same message would be nice
  241. pulkomandy Now let's write a css parser…
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  243. Zash wishes for the SVG approach to styles
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  245. Zash I.e. attributes like `color="blue"` instead of `style="color:blue"`
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  249. nephele I should learn how xml works, and see if i can make my formatted messages work with xml instead of json
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  280. pulkomandy so... the xhtml-im content is <html xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/xhtml-im'><body xmlns='http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml'>[<span style='color:blue;'>HaikuArchives/Renga</span>] <span style='color:brown;'>pulkomandy</span> pushed <span style='color:green;'>1</span> commit to <span style='color:green;'>master</span> [+0/-0/±1] <span style='color:lightmagenta;'>https://github.com/HaikuArchives/Renga/compare/8d709ab45869...98879d2afdec</span></body></html>
  281. pulkomandy trying to iterate over this with gloox I get one cdata string "[] pushed commit to [+0/-0/±1]" and 5 spans
  282. pulkomandy not sure I can reconstruct the correct message from that :/
  283. pulkomandy (that's one single cdata lumping together whatever is outside the spans)
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  285. Maranda Gloox 😰
  286. pulkomandy it was working reasonably well until now
  287. pulkomandy do I have to rewrite my whole client yet again using something else?
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  290. Maranda No, but I think just the mention spawns at least some decade old painful memories 😅
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  305. pulkomandy well I opened a bug on gloox bugtracker about it as I don't see a way I can reconstruct the message correctly from their API. And I'd rather not add another XML parser to my client (getting one to work right is enough of a problem, I think?)
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  308. Link Mauve In poezio, I chose to serialise the XHTML-IM body to string, and re-parse it with a SAX parser, which gives events in-order based on the position in the stream.
  309. Link Mauve Very convenient for appending characters to a buffer as we go.
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  313. pulkomandy yes, I can do that, I guess. So are there any recommendations for an XML parser easy to use from C++ for this?
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  316. Link Mauve Most likely gloox already uses one, so you may want to reuse the same.
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  320. pulkomandy I think gloox does its own parsing, see Tag::parse in https://camaya.net/api/gloox-trunk/tag_8cpp_source.html
  321. pulkomandy or is that parsing xpath quesries?
  322. Link Mauve Looks like XPath indeed.
  323. Link Mauve ldd doesn’t list any known SAX library though.
  324. pulkomandy yes, xml parser is here: https://camaya.net/api/gloox-trunk/parser_8cpp_source.html
  325. Link Mauve So maybe it does do its own thing.
  326. Link Mauve Riht.
  327. Link Mauve Right.
  328. pulkomandy so I don't get anything lower level than the Tag class from that
  329. Link Mauve Wut, why does gloox handle XML comments?
  330. Link Mauve Lines 308-322.
  331. Link Mauve pulkomandy, Tag::addCData seems to add it to both the m_cdata and the m_nodes members, you want to iterate on the latter.
  332. Link Mauve Nodes in XML are either element nodes or text nodes.
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  334. pulkomandy but m_nodes is private and has no getter or iterator in Tag
  335. Link Mauve Seems to be the issue you want to fix then.
  336. pulkomandy yes, seems reasonable to add a way to access this if it's already there
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  392. pulkomandy ok, that worked :). Now let's add the css parser
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  422. moparisthebest Sam, re: host-meta tests, minimal nginx.conf's required: https://github.com/moparisthebest/xmpp-proxy/blob/master/integration/23-s2s-websocket-host-meta/nginx1.conf & https://github.com/moparisthebest/xmpp-proxy/blob/master/integration/24-s2s-websocket-host-meta-json/nginx1.conf pretty simple I think
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