jdev - 2022-02-14

  1. kikuchiyo https://upload.magicbroccoli.de/a11cd1c5c3316374c6cd412dcf2dff134e54e8d1/4Z8RnOlyLP55xbnWo9mkvHgWik3zQEPyNwWsvm5o/5TwJum_dTeCka4sIOBCNSg.pdf
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  3. moparisthebest Impressive kikuchiyo
  4. kikuchiyo ^ I generated a Client Comparison Chart. XEP-0384 and 0453 itself are not well documented in the doap files. Some clients don't even have a doap description. I can update the chart, if you are a client dev and created/updated your doap doc, just reach out to me. (Some source links are still buggy)
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  7. moparisthebest kikuchiyo: you should share this in xsf@, if it's automated we should integrate it into xmpp.org
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  9. kikuchiyo moparisthebest: yes I cross posted to xmpp:commteam@muc.xmpp.org?join but I it is still buggy so I decided to move here, hoping to collect some feedback/correction.
  10. Neustradamus kikuchiyo: You have forgotten Psi/Psi+, Psi is an XMPP client which exists since 2001.
  11. kikuchiyo Neustradamus: please link the doap if you know where to find it.
  12. kikuchiyo ...or at least a changelog or wiki table mentioning the implemented XEPs
  13. Neustradamus Ah, it is not added, if there is a contributor - https://github.com/psi-im/psi/issues/120 - https://github.com/psi-im/psi/issues/595
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  15. kikuchiyo Neustradamus: thx I'm going to parse https://github.com/psi-im/psi/wiki/Supported-XEPs if there is no doap
  16. Neustradamus :)
  17. moparisthebest Neustradamus: you should get them to make a doap file instead
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  37. contrapunctus kikuchiyo: 🤯️
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  111. pulkomandy kikuchiyo: here is the doap for Renga, it seems to be missing in your list: https://github.com/HaikuArchives/Renga/blob/master/doap.xml Thanks, it's useful to know what other clients are doing :)
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  134. kikuchiyo pulkomandy: thx
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  168. mathieui (that made me realize I forgot to update the DOAP for slixmpp & poezio in january :x)
  169. mathieui kikuchiyo, you could just grab the clients.json or libraries.json from the xmpp.org repo and start with the DOAP files contained therein
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  186. pulkomandy Is it ok if I add Haiku to the platforms.json at xmpp.org (we have at least two clients) or should I just use "Other"?
  187. pulkomandy (I see Solaris gets an entry, not sure which one of the two is most relevant :) )
  188. Sam Are the two clients already listed or supported by other things?
  189. pulkomandy No, they are haiku-only
  190. Sam (I'm just curious, I have no say in whether something gets listed or not)
  191. pulkomandy https://github.com/haikuarchives/renga and https://github.com/JadedCtrl/Chat-O-Matic
  192. jonas’ pulkomandy: feel free to add haiku
  193. Sam Renga doesn't seem worth listing if it's archived (assuming that means little-to-no-development); chat-o-matic seems interesting, I'll take a look. Thanks!~
  194. mathieui Sam, it is not archived, that’s just the umbrella org
  195. mathieui (last commit by pulkomandy 18 hours ago :p)
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  198. pulkomandy I should move it out of haikuarchives, yes
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  203. Sam mathieui: the org specifically says "old software" in the description; but sounds like this doesn't belong either way, so that's great!
  204. pulkomandy But yes that github org didn't end up working the way it was intended, turns out the haiku community is so small, it's easier to have all our projects in a single place and grant the same permissions to a lot of people, rather than having projects hosted by a lot of people on their personal account
  205. pulkomandy I'll check with other haikuarchives people if they're fine with moving it since I pretty much adopted it
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  307. pulkomandy Mh… I have a crash because of a message containing an unescaped > character (possibly inside xhtml-im). Not sure because gloox crashes when I try to get a string representation of the xml for debugging, not very helpful…
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  318. jonas’ but that is valid xml
  319. jonas’ if it is not preceded by ]]
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  326. pulkomandy The message seems valid xml at gloox input, not sure what's going on
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  401. pep. Anybody knows where (if?) it's specified that <x xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/muc'/> be stripped by the MUC. There's no occurence of 'strip' in 0045, and too many of 'remove'
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  404. mathieui pep., where should it be stripped by the service?
  405. mathieui MUC presence is usually adding the <x/> instead, and MUC messages do not have that element, private messages do but you don’t want to strip it there
  406. pep. There's a <x/> in the join presence, with a possible <password/> and <history/>. I heard that it was stripped, I was just trying to confirm
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  408. mathieui Well, the join presence is mostly processed and rewritten I guess, instead of being transformed
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  411. Link Mauve TIL, a GC 1.0 join to a non-existing room still creates the room with the default configuration, instead of locking it.
  412. Link Mauve Second paragraph of section 10.
  413. Zash Hush, don't tell anyone, just quietly submit a PR to remove GC 1.0!
  414. Sam ⤴️
  415. Link Mauve Yup.
  416. mathieui don’t make me read 0045 again and discover new stuff I don’t want to know
  417. pep. Y(esterday)IL https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#example-196
  418. pep. (or the day before, but it's not important, is it)
  419. mathieui pep., I did not want to know
  420. pep. Too late.
  421. mathieui (I read it twice thinking "what’s wrong here?" "oh, <message/>")
  422. Link Mauve “because members-only rooms are relatively rare”, [citation needed]
  423. pep. -- 2011
  424. pep. Since the model was IRC..
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  426. Link Mauve Zash, Sam, https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1163
  427. Sam Oh nice, thanks. I thought I remembered starting this once and it having a bunch of references and things that had to be untangled so I gave up; guess I was misremembering
  428. pep. hmm, has anybody ever checked that linked examples still correspond to what they were intended to mean? Since remove an example in the referred XEP renumbers them.
  429. pep. hmm, has anybody ever checked that linked examples still correspond to what they were intended to mean? Since removing an example in the referred XEP renumbers them.
  430. Zash Hm, referencesfrom where?
  431. Zash Hm, references from where?
  432. pep. In XEPs
  433. pep. Are but examples "are not normative"..
  434. pep. Ah but examples "are not normative"..
  435. Link Mauve XEPs shouldn’t reference examples but sections.
  436. Link Mauve And sections should get a proper anchor.
  437. pep. Yeah yeah..
  438. pep. Even though everybody only read examples
  439. moparisthebest Maybe we should reverse the rule, start writing xeps where the examples are normative but the text is not!
  440. Sam Does anyone know sqlite very well? This is what I would assume is a good normalized way to store disco/caps, but I don't know sqlite specific quirks. Will this work or are there some other optimizations I should be doing? https://gist.github.com/SamWhited/4ff23875aca4ea594287c012ab840c99
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  450. Link Mauve Example 177, 191 and 196 are the only ones to use message.
  451. pep. hmm, and there's normative text above all of them
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