jdev - 2022-04-05

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  248. Nils

    Hey there, I have some questions for anybody who can help. I'm having a really hard time figuring out how to have E2EE voice and video calls in XMPP. (If this is not the place to discuss such things, let me know, as I have just joined the group.) Anytime you have a call, is it just transport layer encryption or is end to end encryption baked into the base XEP that allows for calls? Or is the "XEP-0320: Use of DTLS-SRTP in Jingle Sessions" needed? Or is this XEP being implemented? "Verify encrypted A/V calls with OMEMO" https://gist.github.com/iNPUTmice/aa4fc0aeea6ce5fb0e0fe04baca842cd Also how does ZRTP factor into this? I have only found one client (ATalk on F-Droid) that explicitly states supporting ZRTP and only one (Conversations) that supports SRTP. My understanding is that these two protocols provide E2EE, not just transport layer. Is this correct? What is the advantage of ZRTP over SRTP? And is there any XMPP iOS client that supports any kind of end to end encryption for calls? I have not seen one, at least with clear documentation of that. I also do not see much clear documentation of which XEP's are implemented on servers that relate to a/v calls. Any information would be helpful, especially from those with links to documentation, sources of information, or server admins.

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  253. MattJ

    Have you see https://gist.github.com/iNPUTmice/a28c438d9bbf3f4a3d4c663ffaa224d9#notes-for-developers too?

  254. MattJ

    Have you seen https://gist.github.com/iNPUTmice/a28c438d9bbf3f4a3d4c663ffaa224d9#notes-for-developers too?

  255. MattJ

    Not the standard, but it explains how they all fit together in an implementation

  256. MattJ

    Servers do nothing more than XEP-0215

  257. MattJ

    As for iOS, yes: Siskin supports encrypted calls

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  353. lovetox

    when a server offers scram1, 256, 512

  354. lovetox

    is it his job to have the password hash for all of them?

  355. lovetox

    meaning if the server had previously only 1 and 256, he can just add 512

  356. lovetox

    because he does not have the hash for 512

  357. Sam

    You wouldn't be able to just add 512 if you don't have the hash; there is no good upgrade mechanism for scram

  358. lovetox

    Sam believe me people definitly wood

  359. lovetox

    because they have no clue what it is

  360. lovetox

    but thats my point, its not my problem as a client dev

  361. lovetox

    because someone bugged me about adding 512

  362. Sam

    oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were asking, maybe I'm missing context.

  363. lovetox

    and that means gajim now chooses 512 if available

  364. Sam

    512 isn't even a standardized thing yet, hopefully nothing changes before/if it ever becomes a standard

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  367. lovetox

    yes i know, but the one guy we all know about bugged all projects about it

  368. lovetox

    so they started adding it

  369. qy

    Neustradamus bugged everyone with a client, i think safe to ignore

  370. Sam

    Yes, I blocked him and didn't add it for that reason :)

  371. lovetox

    then users installed servers, without knowing what they did and activated it everywhere

  372. Sam

    Anyways, it's not likely to change, I'd just be worried that the working group would decide to add an upgrade mechanism or something then it would be incompatible with all the already deployed made up versions

  373. Sam

    But it will probably be okay.

  374. lovetox

    server manuals should put a big red sign on that setting

  375. lovetox

    describing in detail what it does to users

  376. lovetox

    like default is SCRAM-1

  377. lovetox

    and then a big red warning, dont activate anything else except you know what you are doing

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  379. Sam

    Yah, probably so

  380. Zash

    did we even document that?

  381. lovetox


  382. lovetox

    but there is a upgrade mechanism that comes to mind

  383. xnamed has joined

  384. lovetox

    switch the server to PLAIN, receive the pass, simulate the client hasing it and find the hash, afterwards rehash?

  385. Sam

    That will be seen as a downgrade attack by some clients

  386. Sam

    (Conversations in particular pins the mechanism and won't allow downgrade to an insecure one)

  387. lovetox

    but thats easily solved

  388. lovetox

    user deletes acc from C and readds it

  389. lovetox

    but yeah thats bothersome

  390. Sam

    That seems like extremely bad UX for the user

  391. lovetox

    then the user can just change the pass :D

  392. Sam

    Yah, forcing a passsword reset is annoying but is one way

  393. Sam

    (assuming they have a client that can do that)

  394. lovetox


  395. lovetox

    but i can still get around C

  396. lovetox

    ah no

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  401. lovetox

    it just will not send the pass damn

  402. Zash

    SASL2? SASL2!

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  405. Sam

    Honestly, while I do encourage the support for SCRAM which has applications where it's extremely useful, for general chat servers I'd just only allow PLAIN. It's probably safer against the kinds of real attacks that matter just because it's got hash agility, which is an *extremely* important property to have.

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  407. Sam

    [citation needed]

  408. Zash

    feels bad man

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  425. Link Mauve

    Sam, storing passwords in plain text is a really bad idea in my book.

  426. Link Mauve

    And if you store them hashed and do the PLAIN → SCRAM dance on the server it’ll take a huge lot of CPU power.

  427. lovetox

    yeah and there is no benefit or?

  428. lovetox

    you can just store them hashed

  429. Link Mauve

    But then you can only upgrade them on connection, which might not happen in a decade (or ever) for some users.

  430. lovetox

    ok, after a decade, i return an error text that says: you didnt loggin for a decade, call me if you want your acc back

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  443. Sam

    Link Mauve: Obviously you should not store passwords in plain text, you should hash them. PLAIN says nothing about how it's stored.

  444. Sam

    It's not perfect, it's better than SCRAM. Most of the time hashes aren't broken completely right away, instead you get things like SHA-1 showing weaknesses for a while. At that point you can start the upgrade process for users as they log in. Eventually if it is broken entirely, then you issue a password reset email or whatever to any remaining users and disable the old hashes.

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  447. Link Mauve

    (Not a reply to you, but) SHA-1 being broken means nothing to SCRAM-SHA-1, which is still perfectly fine.

  448. Link Mauve

    It’s a common misconception though, which might have prompted Neustradamus to go on his crusade.

  449. qwestion has left

  450. Sam

    Oh yah, definitely, sorry, bad example

  451. Link Mauve

    Sam, we don’t have any mechanism for prompting a password reset atm, if we don’t know the email of a specific user they just get locked out. :(

  452. Sam

    Yah, that's also a huge problem

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  463. MattJ

    It's something I'll be working on this year

  464. Sam

    Extensible IBR was originally going to cover this sort of thing, but I never saw much interest in adoption so maybe something else is needed that's simpler

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  469. Kev

    Didn't Dave's SASL2 stuff cover this? Or was that only in principle?

  470. MattJ

    It does, I'm planning to implement it

  471. Zash

    Someone with motivation and free time really ought to look at {IBR,SASL,BIND}2 :tm:

  472. antranigv has joined

  473. Kev

    You have no idea how much I want to have the time (and/or one of the team's time) to properly look at stream startup things.

  474. Nils

    MattJ: Thank you, just read that Github page. So if I understand you right, servers implement XEP-0215 and SRTP encryption is handled on the client side? Is there a way to know if a specific call I'm having is encrypted with SRTP? I know ATalk does this but I would love to see it in Conversations or Blabber.im. And where did you find out that Siskin supports encrypted calls? Do you have a link? Thanks so much for the info.

  475. MattJ

    Conversations only supports encrypted calls, so anything that can successfully call with Conversations is using encryption

  476. Zash

    I think Dino might have a thing showing some encryption details?

  477. MattJ

    I guess that's also why Conversations doesn't show encryption status - there is only one possibility :)

  478. Zash

    Can't you do calls without OMEMO then?

  479. MattJ

    Yes, the call encryption is unrelated to OMEMO, it uses temporary keys

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  482. MattJ

    So I mean, "no, you can do calls without OMEMO"

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  485. Link Mauve

    Conversations also created a mechanism for reusing an OMEMO session to validate the DTLS-SRTP key exchange IIRC.

  486. MattJ

    If you have an OMEMO session with the contact, it also signs them via that so they can be verified

  487. Link Mauve

    Right, that.

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  491. Zash

    Where things (ZRTP things?) might show some fingerprints for manual verification otherwise

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  539. Nils

    Okay that's really good to know. Do you know if Blabber.im as it is a fork of Conversations, does the same forcing encryption thing? And just to be sure, you are talking about E2EE calls right?

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