jdev - 2022-08-09

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  300. nav A couple of patches to the DOAP XSLT.
  301. nav Only the first patch is important-ish
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  303. nav The others should apply relatively cleanly in a pick and choose basis, i.e., if wanting to leave some of it out. In particular the last one.
  304. nav https://xmpp.labs.navlost.eu/upload/4f883a857d1fd410d36f3b5a55395c7b1d631fe5/jLWUdjRIe7YFi5iLyILE8RqWxEv5p3lHywac5uHT/0001-Add-DOCTYPE-declaration.patch
  305. nav https://xmpp.labs.navlost.eu/upload/4f883a857d1fd410d36f3b5a55395c7b1d631fe5/SxCkoHM4Kx0F4puePiPbLpuuxHVWVzQtRh8b0oGC/0002-Assume-that-style.css-is-in-the-same-directory-as-th.patch
  306. nav (that one is a bit of a judgment call, but I figure in production the CSS may not always be exactly one level up)
  307. nav https://xmpp.labs.navlost.eu/upload/4f883a857d1fd410d36f3b5a55395c7b1d631fe5/WPOHkfJZ3zCaHN0YD94bhrqE0RVTyYPZY2g25IQu/0003-Add-XEP-name-and-latest-available-version.patch
  308. nav The main change there is that XEP number and title are inside a single <a href=""> as opposed to two.
  309. nav https://xmpp.labs.navlost.eu/upload/4f883a857d1fd410d36f3b5a55395c7b1d631fe5/Uo25pTx4uF2elC7V907IkZJ0NCxqqYGvGVXtv4MS/0004-Add-anchors-to-XEPs.patch
  310. nav https://xmpp.labs.navlost.eu/upload/4f883a857d1fd410d36f3b5a55395c7b1d631fe5/jJYvC7OI5QvIvMS1v4J8idgYCMavSgufFjYm2kxd/0005-Add-abstract-info.patch
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  312. nav jonas’ About https://github.com/xsf/xeps/blob/master/tools/extract-metadata.py – I'm confused as to why it converts the XML to text and then back to XML.
  313. nav That causes loss of info: mixed content, entities, directives (and comments) will not be translated.
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  315. jonas’ that's intentional to provide a fixed schema for xeplist.xml
  316. jonas’ (and other tools in the directory need plain text)
  317. nav For email and such?
  318. nav Take for instance the abstract of XEP-0099 (https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0099.xml)
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  321. jonas’ is that not handled correctly?
  322. nav What's also bizarre is that some XML entities are translated and others aren't. Take for instance <remark/> on XEP-0234 (correctly translates an em dash, versus XEP-0106 (missing dashes).
  323. jonas’ nice, it's indeed not
  324. jonas’ then I need to exchange minidom for something saner
  325. nav Nope, it's missing a couple of words.
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  330. jonas’ but I recall that that caused issues with our .ent and .dtd files -.-
  331. nav Yeah I would expect so.
  332. nav Why not run the output through a proper HTML→plain text converter?
  333. jonas’ because it's not HTML?
  334. jonas’ (which output, anyway?)
  335. jonas’ if anything, extract-metadata.py should probably be an XSL file…
  336. nav Technically not, but it looks like it should do the job. I'm not talking about the entire XML, obs ☺ but rather the mixed content that you'd like to be pure text.
  337. nav For instance <abstract/>, <remark/> and so on, where people sometimes use markup.
  338. nav Yeah, I did write an XSLT stylesheet that creates a xeplist.xml, that's how I found the differences.
  339. nav I should have a diff file somewhere…
  340. jonas’ oh, interesting
  341. jonas’ I'd take that I guess.
  342. nav …I'll generate one quickly
  343. jonas’ no I mean, the xsl I'd take
  344. jonas’ as a pull request or whatever
  345. nav https://xmpp.labs.navlost.eu/upload/4f883a857d1fd410d36f3b5a55395c7b1d631fe5/gIVWrOV35jf6hJkfbrJUITh55qcElR0PyBEKf7eR/xeplist.diff
  346. nav > no I mean, the xsl I'd take Yeah I understood that 😁
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  348. nav Maybe take a look at the diff first see if there is anything that might cause issues downstream?
  349. nav …which there probably will, as I see that the content is used for emails, right?
  350. nav but that aspect of things could probably be addressed by running the content going into the emails through an HTML → text converter.
  351. nav …or just accept that some spurious markup is going to show up.
  352. nav Anyway, I'll prepare a quick patch and you can play with it.
  353. nav The background to this is that I was wanting to add the entire revision history to xeplist.xml
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  404. Millesimus No xmpp dev room at FrOSCon '22?
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  407. Ge0rG Millesimus: it looks like there'll be a stand at least
  408. Millesimus Ge0rG: Ah yes, Dino has a stand.
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  411. nav jonas’ Diff against xsf/xeps master:
  412. nav https://xmpp.labs.navlost.eu/upload/4f883a857d1fd410d36f3b5a55395c7b1d631fe5/JFHPqKyqvOWi2KZcmLuK6SG729aoXXoK83SzrdYE/0001-Add-script-and-XSLT-stylesheet-to-generate-xeplist.x.patch
  413. nav https://xmpp.labs.navlost.eu/upload/4f883a857d1fd410d36f3b5a55395c7b1d631fe5/GXd5QLcks8lxCyJ1ttxdnZX3chntgXBYbYfA4eeC/0002-Replace-the-script-used-for-creating-xeplist.xml.patch
  414. nav https://xmpp.labs.navlost.eu/upload/4f883a857d1fd410d36f3b5a55395c7b1d631fe5/0qISEWyTkKMl1PMyIO250WMLqVWX2cZQJybMGfqf/0003-Remove-.-tools-extract-metadata.py.patch
  415. jonas’ nav, any chance to put that in a github PR?
  416. nav Nope
  417. jonas’ or at least as emails to editor@
  418. jonas’ or at least as emails to editor@xmpp.org
  419. jonas’ otherwise I'll lose track
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  421. Ge0rG might suddenly appear at FrOSCon as well
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  429. adx do i understand correctly that the roster is for storing user JIDs only and bookmarks are for the groupchats?
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  431. jonas’ adx, yes
  432. jonas’ storing groupchat JIDs in the roster is going to cause fun
  433. jonas’ unless you're using MIX, then it's both likely to cause fun, but also the standard way of doing things
  434. adx hmm, fun you say... 🙂
  435. adx yeah, I was talking about MUCs
  436. adx does anything even implement MIX groupchats?
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  464. Wojtek @adx tigase-server and BeagleIM/SiskinIM ;-)
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  509. pulkomandy I wild be at FrOSCon too so I hope there will be some kind of devroom in one way or another
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  539. john-machan Hello! Do we know of FOSS clients supporting [ephemeral messages](https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0466.html)?
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  541. MSavoritias (fae,ve) john-machan: This was approved just recently and also there is a change that author wants to do already. So no. Too early still.
  542. techmetx11 MSavoritias (fae,ve): unless there's a developer who's watching very carefully
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  548. techmetx11 does the server also have to exclude the message from the MAM when sending?
  549. techmetx11 does the server also have to exclude the message from the MAM (if the timer is expired) when sending a MAM request
  550. Zash you can't do that
  551. Zash it is forbidden
  552. Zash you can replace it with a tombstone however
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  554. techmetx11 yeah a tombstone
  555. Zash so, treat it as a delayed-effect https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0424.html
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  558. techmetx11 there's a stickers XEP?
  559. Zash XMPP - There's a XEP for that!
  560. Zash techmetx11, was that a question?
  561. MSavoritias (fae,ve) > techmetx11 wrote: > there's a stickers XEP? Yes
  562. Zash We need a XEP that encodes whether a message contains a question or a surprised statement!
  563. Zash Wasn't there a XEP from before it was even called "stickers" ?
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  565. Zash Obsolete now, but https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0038.html
  566. MSavoritias (fae,ve) > Zash wrote: > We need a XEP that encodes whether a message contains a question or a surprised statement! We have :D
  567. MSavoritias (fae,ve) But it was rejected
  568. techmetx11 hmmm
  569. techmetx11 now would there be a XEP for a marketplace
  570. techmetx11 or video sharing
  571. techmetx11 i don't think so
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  574. techmetx11 except the video sharing
  575. Zash don't think "marketplace" would be a XEP
  576. MSavoritias (fae,ve) There is no need for specifically video sharing. Just video streaming
  577. MSavoritias (fae,ve) Which there is
  578. Link Mauve There were five or so attempts at MSN-style shared folders though.
  579. Link Mauve Which might be that.
  580. techmetx11 shared folders
  581. techmetx11 hmm
  582. techmetx11 XEP for nudging?
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  584. Link Mauve 0224.
  585. Zash ITYM https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0132.html ;)
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  587. Link Mauve Or that yeah.
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  608. nav jonas’: Sent
  609. jonas’ thanks
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  618. nav pulkomandy If interested in displaying the revision history for outdated XEPs in the DOAP files, here's a patch (goes on top of the ones I sent earlier today)
  619. nav https://xmpp.labs.navlost.eu/upload/4f883a857d1fd410d36f3b5a55395c7b1d631fe5/35mKMMMfUu7CtNlG0SCSmnUHccl31EBLKyl9pNP1/0001-Add-a-popup-with-the-change-history-for-outdated-XEP.patch
  620. pulkomandy thanks, not much time for that today (trying to port a C compiler to a new architecture for a project I should finish this weekend for my vacations :p) but I'll try to have a look
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  623. nav Nae bother. Sample output here btw: https://labs.navlost.eu/pub/doap/poezio.html https://labs.navlost.eu/pub/doap/movim.html
  624. nav Needless to say, the styling needs some love.
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  626. nav Good luck with the compiler 👍
  627. wurstsalat nav, nice, I'd really like to see that happen! I can work on styling the elements when these changes are merged :)
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  707. nav Link Mauve: Broken link in https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0453.html#rules (https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/blob/master/data/README.rst 404s)
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  709. Link Mauve Ah, wurstsalat broke it in de3d82527a7b3fda3b0cf89e147a14fde801a472.
  710. Link Mauve In the move to hugo.
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  713. Link Mauve Did anyone else have any issue with it? Otherwise I’ll probably ask to advance it soon and gather actual experience with it.
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  715. Link Mauve nav, https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1199
  716. nav Thanks, I tried to find the link but couldn't.
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  718. nav https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/blob/master/tools/README.rst
  719. nav May I point out that it's missing a _components_ section? It's kind of an important part of XMPP. ☺
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  722. Link Mauve Feel free to contribute that, I’m going to sleep. :)
  723. nav > and then make a Pull Request on GitHub. Seriously? Using a GAFAM product for what's supposed to be an open protocol? Process-wise that's a bit substandard.
  724. Link Mauve No, you can use the mailing list if you prefer so.
  725. Link Mauve Send a patch over there, or to the editor IIRC.
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  728. nav A catalogue of machine readable software definitions is a great idea though. Enables lots of interesting things, such as comparing XEP support across products, finding the popularity (or otherwise) of different XEPs, etc.
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  730. nav Roger. It'd be good to make those contribution workflows more explicit though? I don't recall them being documented, maybe I didn't look in the right places.
  731. nav (I'm working on an XMPP based way to submit Git patches to repositories anyway, should work with popular forges + email)
  732. Link Mauve Have you talked with goffi already? I think he was working on such things in the past.
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  737. nav I recall a talk by someone about this, which was kind of the inspiration.
  738. nav Is goffi here?
  739. nav I'll see about hitting him up during the day. Bonne nuit !
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