jdev - 2022-08-31

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  133. MattJ Holger, is xpath currently used in ejabberd? Would there be any objection if it was a XEP dependency? (or at least a subset)
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  135. MattJ I'm pretty wary of XPath, but also wary of NIH something equivalent
  136. MattJ https://github.com/clopen/xpath-receive-email
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  141. Kev I'm pretty wary of XPath. I don't think there's any danger of us needing to NIH something *equivalent*, which is where the danger in it lies.
  142. Sam Was trying to figure out a good way to say just that. What Kev said.
  143. Kev What we're likely to need is to NIH a way of referencing a path to an XML element, which ... is a long way short of XPath.
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  146. Kev Bonus points if we used constrained XPath so that you could either use an xpath library, or implement something non-insane yourself just to do basic path lookups.
  147. Sam {space:local}/local/{space:*}>someattr there, wrote a whole spec with all the features you could want.
  148. Kev I think even xpath 1 lets you define functions etc. doesn't it? The path formats themselves aren't insane, I think, and are implementable oneself without excessive pain, unless I misremember.
  149. Kev But anything that lets you define functions seems...ill-advised.
  150. Sam "constrained XPath" sounds exactly as bad as "constrained XML" which I have had multiple bugs as a result of us doing (and found multiple issues in other things). That way leads to madness and implementations just ignoring the constraints.
  151. Sam Or security issues when they accidentally ignore the constraints or there's some way to smuggle some escaped function past their constraining code.
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  153. Kev There ... is some truth in that.
  154. Kev Actually, looking at XPath, I think even the Location Paths are probably more than anything we'd need in XMPP.
  155. Kev MattJ What's the problem getting solved?
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  167. MattJ Kev, clients need to tell their server what information should be sent to their push notification server when offline
  168. MattJ Current spec approach is "just send <body/>", which nobody actually does because of privacy
  169. Kev So something a lot lot simpler than xpath would work fine, presumably?
  170. MattJ Non-standard approach by Tigase is to extract some specific stuff, transform it into JSON, and send that
  171. MattJ But that loses all extensibility
  172. MattJ Yes, definitely (hence why I said "subset")
  173. MattJ But as Sam said, "just" supporting a subset when available libraries implement the full thing can be dangerous
  174. MattJ People will pick off-the-shelf libraries and either fail to disable the dangerous parts or make inadequate attempts to sanitize things
  175. Kev Even ignoring Sam's (I think valid) concerns, using an xpath library for this on the server sounds like some amount of pain - at least for us it'd involve serialising temporarily, parsing that into an appropriate XML doc, running the XPath on it, and then converting into the internal format again, for then reserialising later (or similar).
  176. MattJ Sure, it would be some amount of pain for Prosody too
  177. Kev Probably (with no data to support this) doubling the cost of processing each stanza or something.
  178. MattJ That's a bit over the top, since this wouldn't run on every stanza
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  180. Kev Every eligible stanza, right.
  181. Kev But I think that's probably every message, as 'most people' don't have their phone app open 'most of the time'.
  182. Kev But you're right, and that's not on its own a reason to not do it. The inconvenience might be, and the security concerns probably are.
  183. MattJ Okay, so say you're right and it doubles... it goes from how many microseconds to how many microseconds?
  184. Kev ^
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  186. MattJ I'm not saying bringing in XPath is something I'd enjoy. But I'm trying to get a feel for all our options, because this issue has been stalling progress in this area for years now.
  187. MattJ We have an internal custom "XPath lite" in Prosody, which is of course non-standard
  188. MattJ and as you say, just allows a path to an element, attribute or text content
  189. MattJ As far as I'm concerned, standardizing that (or something like it) is the NIH approach
  190. MattJ Which is not to say it's automatically wrong, if nothing else is suitable
  191. MattJ Thankfully this is also something that would only be needed on servers
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  194. Kev I’m pretty comfortable with NIHing something that’s just {NS}ele/… or similar if the alternative is xpath. I think integrating full xpath would actively be a mistake if we only need the former, and Sam’s concerns about subsetting it seem valid.
  195. MattJ So do we have consensus for XEP-xxxx: Element Path Queries?
  196. Kev WFM
  197. MattJ I'll write something up for discussion
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  209. Kev Ta.
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  212. Sam Excellent, thanks MattJ
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  226. lovetox Sorry for my ignorance, what is the use case for that?
  227. lovetox it that not something on the xml lib level, and not the xmpp?
  228. MattJ Use case: > clients need to tell their server what information should be sent to their push notification server when offline
  229. MattJ And XML libraries provide XPath, if they provide anything at all
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  231. MattJ SAX parsers like expat (a popular choice for XMPP) tend not to provide XPath because they don't store the document or expose any kind of DOM
  232. lovetox ok thanks
  233. goffi MattJ: As you're working on this use case, I would like to use push notification with a trusted component to send email to users when they get a pubsub notification while offline. For instance says that you have a new comment on a blog post, I would need the pubsub element to construct the email. Privacy is not a problem here as it would be a trusted component with the same admins as the server itself.
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  235. goffi MattJ: thus if the protoXEP you're working on or planning to work on would take this use case into account, it would be great
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  237. MattJ Yes, it should suffice for that use-case too
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  239. goffi neat
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  244. goffi MattJ: regarding XPath, I think too that we don't need a full features XPATH and can make our own stuff. XPath is handy to check complex XML trees, but in the case of XMPP it's often not deep, and we can probably filter with simple stuff like element name/namespace + optionally attribute or maybe a index if there are several elements with same name/namespace. Do we need something that can be put in an attribute, or can we use dedicated element for that? Something like `<find_element name="body">` ? Advantage is that we could extend it if necessary in the future.
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  249. goffi MattJ: we could also use `id` to put them in attribude, something like: `<something-useful use-element="find_123" /><find-element id="find_123" name="something-useful" ns="urn:example:bla:0" xmlns="urn:example:find-element:0" />`
  250. MattJ That can easily start to get very complex to implement
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  252. goffi I don't think so, you end up with simple filtering data that you can either use directly in a loop, or transform easily to an XPATH or equivalent internally. But anyway, it was just random thought, you'll end up with something cool I'm sure.
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  254. MattJ https://pad.nixnet.services/s/g9orugzSq is an initial draft
  255. Kev Would it be easier to not have implicit namespace inheritance?
  256. MattJ My feeling is "no" :)
  257. MattJ But maybe
  258. MattJ It would be easier if we actually had a single standard root namespace in XMPP
  259. Kev Ah. Because of stream namespace. Right.
  260. MattJ But we can always specify in the downstream XEPs that everything is in jabber:client or something
  261. MattJ But if it's about implementation complexity for the components without a namespace, we already do that in Prosody and it's not much effort (but I'd be curious to hear if that's not the case in other codebases)
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  270. goffi MattJ: what about several elements with same name/namespace (e.g. in your example, you would have an extra `<entry title="The Hobbit" />`
  271. goffi )
  272. MattJ Yeah, I intentionally avoided that for now :)
  273. goffi but we need to know if we get first or last elements
  274. goffi in this case
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  276. pep. It only matters if the order of elements is guaranteed I guess. But this spec can still specify it
  277. goffi with <message> it's important as we can have several bodies (with different languages), for blog we have text and xhtml content
  278. MattJ Prosody gives the first
  279. MattJ But I suspect we may want to add indexing and predicates
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  281. MattJ I think we're doing this for extensibility, people are going to find uses for those things
  282. pep. Registering to your server features you don't want to see? Curious if that'd be a use-case
  283. pep. "no chatstates, no chat markers, no receipts plz"
  284. MattJ pep., meet https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0273.html :)
  285. pep. That title sounds..
  286. MattJ It's from 2009, assume innocence
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  288. pep. ^^'
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  317. MattJ Okay, I got a bit daring and added some more advanced stuff: https://pad.nixnet.services/s/g9orugzSq
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  323. goffi MattJ: It looks good to me. It's very similar to lxml's ElementPath.
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  325. Zash speccing stanza:find() ?
  326. MattJ Something like that
  327. Zash except it's more limited
  328. Zash except stanza:find() is more limited
  329. MattJ But still, I'm now going back to https://hg.prosody.im/prosody-modules/file/8231774f5bfd/mod_cloud_notify_encrypted/mod_cloud_notify_encrypted.lua#l88 to see what that logic would look like translated to XML/paths, and... I don't know
  330. Sam Is there a behavioral difference between entries/entry@title and entries/entry[title]@title?
  331. Zash or upload an util.datamapper schema?
  332. Zash my guess would be that the former may match a tag without the attribute?
  333. MattJ Exactly
  334. moparisthebest Just have the client upload some JavaScript the server can execute to construct what to send...
  335. Sam So one returns empty string one returns no match?
  336. Sam If the attribute doesn't exist do they both return no match?
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  338. MattJ Yes
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  342. Zash Any need to collect lists of things?
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  345. MattJ I'm not sure
  346. MattJ I suspect that the answer is "maybe" but can usually be deduced from the context rather than needing some operator
  347. MattJ i.e. if only one result is expected, just take the first
  348. MattJ Which is probably going to be the most common
  349. MattJ But as I say, unless we can figure out how to actually apply this, I'm unconvinced it's useful
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  352. Link Mauve I remember a discussion recently where someone wanted to send wasm blobs to other entities for processing. :°)
  353. moparisthebest Hey that's better than JavaScript let's do it
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  375. MattJ goffi, I think in your case you'd be happy bouncing the whole stanza to the push server, I assume
  376. MattJ Because you're going to email it, and I assume that won't be encrypted, so you don't have anything to hide from the push service
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  378. goffi MattJ: indeed, I would be happy with the whole stanza, the component is trustable no privacy problem there.
  379. MattJ The problem for the Siskin-style push notifications is that they need to be 1) summarized (Apple has size limits on notifications) and 2) encrypted (so neither Apple nor the push service see any message details)
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  381. MattJ #2 is easy enough, but #1 is currently implemented using logic on the server side that isn't extensible and right now even depends on experimental XEPs
  382. MattJ Some discussion is at https://github.com/tigase/tigase-xeps/issues/4
  383. MattJ An alternative approach is to spec the summarization process, and make sure that can be negotiated and evolved over time
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  390. Zash Per XEP treatment? Would be sorta in line with MAM, CSI, Carbons etc
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  423. MattJ Okay, so instead of all the path query stuff: https://pad.nixnet.services/s/GPBR4xa4k
  424. MattJ Encode some rules directly into the server, handling all current use cases, allow for future extensibility if new ones arise
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  439. pep. "MattJ> Because you're going to email it, and I assume that won't be encrypted, so you don't have anything to hide from the push service" I want to challenge the reasoning about not having to hide from the push service if it's not encrypted :x
  440. pep. I mean, I don't find this as obvious
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  445. MattJ Read it as "you don't have anything that can be hidden"
  446. pep. from whom
  447. MattJ The push service
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  449. pep. Well you may trust your server and the MTA but not the push service
  450. MattJ Okay. So what are you going to do about it?
  451. pep. I don't know, I'm just saying I don't find it as obvious as you made it sound
  452. MattJ Okay
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  456. pep. Text as sibling isn't valid in XMPP right? So you don't need to worry about it?
  457. MattJ I don't think anything actually forbids it, other than our collective common sense
  458. MattJ I meant to note that it would result in undefined behaviour
  459. pep. Good job for the spec :)
  460. MattJ I've been working with SASL2, and just wanted to see how much of this tangle of semi-related XEPs we could sort out at the same time
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  462. Link Mauve Email actually has some deployed e2ee, namely OpenPGP and S/MIME.
  463. Link Mauve Both could be used also with a gateway.
  464. MattJ Link Mauve: someone else can have the fun of specifying and implementing that 🙂
  465. Link Mauve Yup.
  466. MattJ For the 5 users it will ve used by
  467. Link Mauve I’ve successfully avoided e2ee on XMPP altogether so far, hoping to keep under the radar. o:)
  468. MattJ For the 5 users it will be used by
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