jdev - 2023-01-09

  1. goffi

    Hi, what is the state of the art do to multi-party A/V conference nowadays? I guess it's Jitsi Video Bridge + XEP-0340 (COLIBRI), right? MUJI seems nice only for a few participants, it doesn't scale. I think I've seen a post about a new solution on ActivityPub recently, but can't find it again. Anything else?

  2. MattJ

    goffi: you want to speak to the Dino devs

  3. Wojtek

    @goffi Tigase Meet (https://fosstodon.org/@tigase/109541234847184884) ?

  4. Schimon_

    Where's the XMPP chit chat groupchat?

  5. menel


  6. menel


  7. goffi

    MattJ, Wojtek: thanks

  8. Schimon_

    Thank you menel

  9. belgin


  10. belgin

    when i get a vCard like this https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0054.html what is the difference between a vCard element that isn't included at all, and a vCard element that is empty?

  11. belgin

    or rather, what should the client do in those 2 situations when receiving a vCard from the server

  12. lovetox

    hm, is this theoretical?

  13. belgin

    what do you mean?

  14. lovetox

    the server should return a vcard element i think

  15. lovetox

    there is no difference, but i would be very suprised if the server answers without vcard child element of the IQ

  16. belgin

    yes, the server is returning a vCard, but some elements inside the vCard are missing

  17. lovetox

    ah with vcard element you mean vcard properties

  18. lovetox

    i thought you mean the vCard node

  19. lovetox

    there is no difference

  20. belgin

    oh yeah. sorry, i am not an xml expert 😀

  21. lovetox

    i would say

  22. lovetox

    you need to expect that every element is missing

  23. lovetox

    or empty

  24. lovetox

    im not aware that an empty element has another meaning then a missing one

  25. belgin

    lovetox, a <PHOTO> element can be for example <PHOTO/> which means there is no photo in the vCard, or the vCard can contain absolutely no PHOTO child

  26. belgin

    i am asking what should the client do in these 2 situations

  27. lovetox

    show no photo

  28. lovetox

    because you dont have one ..

  29. lovetox

    what do you want to do?

  30. lovetox

    im not seeing the options here? if i think about it nothing other then showing no photo in the two cases comes to mind

  31. techmetx11

    what should the client do if there's multiple <PHOTO> elements?

  32. lovetox

    show multiple photos or choose one

  33. belgin


  34. belgin

    what does the question mark mean?

  35. lovetox

    i think it means the element can be missing or it can be there once

  36. lovetox

    but google XML DTD and see for yourself

  37. belgin

    lovetox, i appreciate your help, but i was hoping someone could point to a paragraph in a xep which can explain what should the client do in that situation

  38. lovetox

    im not getting what you expecting here

  39. lovetox

    what options are there?

  40. lovetox

    if you have 10 things which you could do, then i see how you want something that tells you which to do

  41. lovetox

    but you received a photo with no vcard photo data

  42. lovetox

    what other option do you have then showing NO photo to the user?

  43. lovetox

    what other option do you have than showing NO photo to the user?

  44. belgin

    i see your point, but i don't see where in the xep it says that an empty element is equivalent to missing element in the vCard

  45. lovetox

    i think nobody thought it would be necessary

  46. belgin

    i am going to send an e-mail to Peter

  47. belgin

    the author to xep-0153

  48. belgin

    techmetx11, upon further inspection of the DTD, a vCard can indeed have multiple PHOTO elements

  49. belgin

    i guess that question will be for the next e-mail 😀

  50. lovetox

    again, what do you expect as an answer?

  51. lovetox

    XMPP is a transfer protocol

  52. lovetox

    It does not dictate how you present data to the user in a graphical user interface

  53. lovetox

    you receive 10 photos, no XEP will tell you what to do

  54. belgin

    i don't know. i'll see what Peter says

  55. belgin

    i guess in the case of multiple photo elements, the xep says you can see which "resource" has which photo by sha1 (a jid can have multiple "resources")

  56. belgin

    i hope a jid can't have multiple vCards 😀

  57. lovetox

    i think you are going down a rabbit hole

  58. lovetox

    the vCard spec is endless

  59. lovetox

    you should ask what other clients support, not what theoretically the vCard spec allows

  60. lovetox

    and you will not find a client who will display more than one photo

  61. lovetox

    you will not find a client who publishes more than one photo

  62. menel

    Yeah, a bit pragmatism