jdev - 2023-01-30

  1. MattJ

    (cross-post from xsf@) Anyone attending FOSDEM from an open-source XMPP project that isn't Dino or Libervia? I just want to make sure I haven't missed anyone out :)

  2. Link Mauve

    Hi, yes I will.

  3. MattJ

    Which project(s) should I list? :)

  4. MattJ

    I only have one piece of A4... :P

  5. jonas’


  6. Link Mauve

    Hmm, maybe xmpp-rs and poezio?

  7. Link Mauve

    And perhaps slixmpp?

  8. MattJ


  9. Kev

    > I only have one piece of A4... :P Printers can do pretty small fonts these days.

  10. MattJ

    42% of the projects now in my list are Link Mauve

  11. Link Mauve


  12. flow

    so 58% are missing out on link!!!

  13. jonas’

    so if I onboard Link Mauve to aioxmpp, aioxmpp is at FOSDEM?

  14. MattJ

    Great plan

  15. Link Mauve

    sonny, wanna add xmpp.js as well?

  16. sonny

    Where does it go?

  17. Link Mauve

    sonny, I mean, would you want to advertise it on the flyer at FOSDEM?

  18. sonny

    Ha yes feel free đź‘Ť

  19. sonny

    I'll definitely be around

  20. pep.

    jonas’, hey sorry I've poked you elsewhere a few days ago, whenever you have time can we have a look at Joinjabber logos on s.j.n? :)

  21. jonas’

    pep.: did you poke support@?

  22. pep.

    mail? no, you directly

  23. goffi

    I'm happy to announce that I've got a new grant to work on A/V call and desktop sharing implementation in Libervia. I'll make a blog post when I'll found some time (I dunno when as I'm preparing summit/FOSDEM right now).

  24. goffi

    I'll do the implementation on web, desktop and CLI frontend.

  25. goffi


  26. goffi

    I'll find*

  27. wurstsalat


  28. goffi

    thanks. I'm really happy, that was one of the big missing feature in Libervia. Once that done I'll work on polishing everything, and maybe do a Windows port. But it will take probably the whole year to be at this point.

  29. pep.

    goffi, that's the which nlnet session?

  30. pep.

    Ah assure

  31. moparisthebest

    goffi: fully understand if you don't know yet, but if you do, will it work in firefox too or only the chrome based browsers?

  32. goffi

    moparisthebest: being a firefox use, I hope to make it run in both. But A/V is a really complicated topic, and I don't know yet which dragons and snakes I'll cross.

  33. goffi

    it was actually super hard to make an estimation on this topic, I hope that I'm not too far off the mark

  34. moparisthebest

    I'm basing this question mainly on the bad things refusing to run or running in degraded mode on Firefox, like Microsoft teams for instance

  35. moparisthebest

    But good to know, and good luck on it :)

  36. goffi

    thank, I guess I'll need it, the work involved is less clear to me now that when I've started working on AP gateway. A/V is a really complicated thing.

  37. MattJ

    Both Firefox and Chrome implement WebRTC. I know they're not completely identical, but I'd be surprised if basic calling didn't just work. Works in Firefox in Movim, right?

  38. Link Mauve

    I’ve also been using Jitsi Meet in Firefox for years (three).

  39. moparisthebest

    It's been over a year so I don't remember details but I know Microsoft teams had a very degraded experience in firefox, maybe someone who still has access could check

  40. Link Mauve

    At first the stable version didn’t support some features they used, like simulcast, but that’s been fixed for years (three).

  41. moparisthebest

    iirc it was missing at least camera backgrounds and desktop sharing? Could be wrong

  42. Link Mauve

    moparisthebest, Microsoft favouring their own browser over the concurrence is certainly impossible!

  43. moparisthebest

    Very likely even :)

  44. moparisthebest

    If you search "Firefox" from edge you get a full page ad telling you why you should stay on edge

  45. moparisthebest

    Can't get more egregious than that without just blocking the install

  46. goffi

    I think that for multi-party at some point firefox was missing something, it was working but degraded (I know it's very vague, but details can certainly be found easily on the web).

  47. goffi

    for multi-party encryption also, there is a note in jitsi FAQ that it's working only with Chrome/Chromium