jdev - 2023-03-02

  1. sinar

    anyone can help me with this issue? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/75606374/failed-joining-ejabberd-open-room

  2. sinar

    i keep getting error like below <presence xml:lang='fr' to='myJid@chatserver.com/resource' from='roomname@conference.chatserver.com' type='error' id='eff492ab-a438-4780-848b-bd98fed42294'> <nick xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/nick'>MyNickname</nick> <x xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/muc'/> <x xmlns='vcard-temp❌update'> <photo/> </x> <error type='modify'> <jid-malformed xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/> <text xml:lang='fr' xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'>Le pseudonyme ne peut être laissé vide</text> <text xml:lang='en' xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'>Nickname can&apos;t be empty</text> </error>

  3. nicoco

    hey sinar! this is not how you choose a nickname on joining a room, https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#example-18

  4. nicoco

    to "to" attribute of your presence should be "room@server/YOURNICK"

  5. pep.

    I wish this were though.. but inside <x/>

  6. pep.

    I wish this were though.. but inside <{muc}x/>

  7. masum.nishat21


  8. masum.nishat21

    Hello, I am developing an XMPP client with java, Currently, I'm implementing XEP-0115. When I try to attach the form defined in XEP-0232: Software Information, I found no information to get the verification string for the Data form field of type XEP-0221: Data Forms Media Element. Is there any standard to implement this or do I just need to ignore this kind of field? Currently, I'm ignoring this kind of field as no documentation found. Thanks Al Masum Nishat

  9. flow

    masum.nishat21, isn't that just xep115 § 5.1 step 7?

  10. masum.nishat21

    In that section it says only about values of a field, but for xep 221 media fields do not have any value. So i can not get verification string using 5.1 step 7 of xep 115

  11. singpolyma

    Media fields to have a value

  12. singpolyma

    221 just defines a way to make a media label for a field

  13. singpolyma

    The field is otherwise a normal field

  14. flow

    singpolyma, I don't see a <value/> in xep221 ex2, what am I missing?

  15. flow

    my first feeling is that xep221 data form fields a non-standard

  16. flow

    my first feeling is that xep221 data form fields are non-standard

  17. singpolyma

    Data form field values are always optional

  18. flow


  19. singpolyma

    (in the schema)

  20. flow

    masum.nishat21, I am not sure why are are not able to get a verficiation string if you just blindly follow the instructions in step 7

  21. flow

    especially step 7c

  22. flow

    1. append the value *of the* 'var' attribute

  23. flow

    7)c)a) append the value *of the* 'var' attribute

  24. flow

    and be done, because 7)c)b) and 7)c)c) do not seem to apply because there is no <value/>

  25. masum.nishat21

    There is no where written in xep 221 that it may contain value elemant.

  26. flow


  27. singpolyma

    masum.nishat21: it doesn't need to be, it's part of data forms xep

  28. masum.nishat21

    flow: now im doind it blindly.

  29. singpolyma

    221 just defines the new media label element

  30. flow

    masum.nishat21, as singpolyma said, <value/> is optional and xep221 does not seem to specify one for data form media elements

  31. flow

    so you can skip 7)c)b) and 7)c)c) for them, because there is no <value/> element

  32. singpolyma

    There may or may not be a value element, nothing to do with 221

  33. flow


  34. masum.nishat21

    I got it. I think that i should omit value if there is no one for that xep 221 elements.

  35. singpolyma

    There will be a value element if the field hrs a value, that is all

  36. singpolyma

    masum.nishat21: for all fields. 221 being present or not is irrelevant

  37. masum.nishat21

    Okay thanks for helping me. I got my solution.

  38. flow

    but interestingly xep115 seems to be written with a <value/> being present in mind

  39. flow

    which is probably not surprising, given that <value/> is how you transfer information

  40. singpolyma

    Right. Does it not distinguish between value not present vs empty valuem

  41. singpolyma

    Right. Does it not distinguish between value not present vs empty value?

  42. masum.nishat21

    I think at least one example is worth adding with value in xep 221

  43. flow

    well empty value would be the empty string, woulnd't it? which you then would have to process as such

  44. singpolyma


  45. flow

    masum.nishat21, that does not seem sensible, because the <value/> for xep221 element seems to be contained in <uri/>, if I am not mistaken

  46. singpolyma

    masum.nishat21: if you look at captcha xep you'll see media labelled fields which clearly expect the user to fill in a value

  47. singpolyma

    flow: no. The URI is a label not a value

  48. flow

    ahh ok

  49. masum.nishat21

    Here was my doubt between value and uri

  50. singpolyma

    Yeah. If you remove the media element from a 221 adorned field it should still work the same

  51. singpolyma

    Just not have the image for the label anymore

  52. singpolyma

    The semantics of the existing elements from data forms are unchanged

  53. masum.nishat21

    singpolyma: I didn't find any field contains both media and value in xep 158 also

  54. singpolyma

    Which one is 158?

  55. masum.nishat21


  56. singpolyma

    All those fields expect a value from the user

  57. singpolyma

    They don't usually have an existing/default value though

  58. masum.nishat21

    I understand now. Thanks a lot.