jdev - 2023-03-10

  1. lovetox

    does it make sense to display a xmpp uri as QR Code?

  2. lovetox

    are there smartphone clients who can interpret this and join a room for example?

  3. moparisthebest

    lovetox: a qr code is just text, so yes

  4. Guus

    I have _very_ little knowledge about these things, but I guess it's more up to the smart phone's OS that allows clients to register for URIs?

  5. lovetox

    moparisthebest, i did not ask if a barcode scanner can read a QR code

  6. lovetox

    i asked if a smartphone client does something with it

  7. lovetox

    that starts with the client having a button to even trigger the scanner out of the app

  8. moparisthebest

    lovetox: no that's not how it works

  9. moparisthebest

    Browsers on phones don't have buttons to scan qr codes

  10. lovetox

    i have a smartphone maybe i should just try it :d

  11. moparisthebest

    You open your qr scanner app, scan it, and the URL handler launches the right app

  12. lovetox

    that would be pretty horrible UX

  13. lovetox

    and its also not true

  14. lovetox

    Conversations has a Scanner Button in the top bar

  15. lovetox

    and when you press it and scann a qr code, it opens a join dialog for the MUC

  16. lovetox

    so that answers my question

  17. flow

    why use a QR code when you could just use a string?

  18. singpolyma

    Easier to open my camera app and scan a sign than type out a long URI

  19. Zash

    One way to copy and paste those strings across machines with cameras

  20. singpolyma

    NFC is even nicer in some cases. But a lot of people have it off by default and you can't display it on a website of course

  21. flow

    singpolyma, open camera app and scan string?

  22. flow

    singpolyma, open camera app and scan string? I didn't say that the user had to type the string

  23. flow

    I believe QRs are widely overused

  24. singpolyma

    Sure, OCR is just slightly less accurate and has no error correction

  25. flow

    fair point with the error correction, but I would expect it to work reasonable well on modern devices

  26. flow

    at least my Android reliable scans http URLs and marks them "clickable", I never noticed that the URL was wrong

  27. singpolyma

    It does rely on the human to look and click though. QR you never have to see the URI and it auto opens

  28. Zash

    OCR, never actually had that work well. And all our bills are even supposed to have an OCR-friendly font on them!

  29. Peter Waher


  30. flow

    singpolyma, Android's Camera app never auto opened an QR for me and I am not sure if this would be a wise behavior

  31. flow

    or are we discussing the situation where the user pressed the "add friend" button in his chat app, and the camera scans for URIs? in that case, QRs and URI strings also seem to be equally powerful

  32. flow

    I even assume that you could do some good matching for URI strings, as in, they have to start with "xmpp:" and end with a well-known top-level domain

  33. Zash

    It'll most likely end with some OMEMO fingerprints

  34. flow

    don't get me wrong, QR codes have their use cases, like exchanging crypto signature data. but IMHO when it comes to exchanging relatively short addresses, then they provide no benefit, besides disuising the actual address

  35. flow

    don't get me wrong, QR codes have their use cases, like exchanging crypto signature data. but IMHO when it comes to exchanging relatively short addresses, then they provide no benefit, besides disguising the actual address

  36. wurstsalat

    why not offer multiple ways? WhatsApp offers "Share Link", "Copy Link", "QR Code"

  37. Zash

    Conversations has some options as well

  38. flow

    wurstsalat, lovetox's initial question was "does it make sense to display an xmpp uri as QR code"

  39. Zash

    And then there's URLs ala https://yax.im/i/#bob@example.com

  40. flow

    assuming we are talking about short URIs like xmpp:muc@chat.example.org then my answer is "probably not" or, at least show the QR code and the URI

  41. wurstsalat

    flow, yeah, but in that case it would be a QR code in addition to the chat's URI and a copy button ;)

  42. Zash

    "Share this room / contact as QR" is definitely a nice thing to have

  43. Zash

    Spares me having to `qrencode -t ansi $(xsel -b)`

  44. flow

    maybe, just make sure to also show the URI as string if it isn't too long

  45. Zash

    Showing the URI below in a field that can be copied would be fine, or something.

  46. Zash

    Dino has a QR popup button thing that's kinda nice.

  47. lovetox

    for sharing groupchat uris?

  48. Zash

    No, for your own OMEMO fingerprints

  49. lovetox

    yeah ok, everyone has that

  50. lovetox

    we think about a "share" button and what it would show or can do

  51. lovetox

    and obviously it has a entry "copy room link"

  52. lovetox

    but the idea was if also a QR code should be shown additionally

  53. moparisthebest

    flow: wait what Android camera does OCR? I've never seen such a thing

  54. moparisthebest

    People are used to scanning qr codes though

  55. Zash

    "People" are "used to" ... sorta. Some of them. Sometimes.

  56. singpolyma

    moparisthebest: Google lens

  57. moparisthebest

    So nothing on Android then

  58. moparisthebest

    Some proprietary Google shitware only

  59. moparisthebest

    Zash: I mean companies pay hundreds of millions of dollars to run TV commercials with QR codes only so... I assume they did some research before that

  60. Zash

    Only a QR code for 30s?

  61. moparisthebest


  62. Wojtek

    > "People" are "used to" ... sorta. Some of them. Sometimes. SOT: depends on the bubble and location I guess? In Chile during/after covid most dining places (almost all of them?) completely dropped printed menus and all tables are plastered with QR code that links to the menu and absolutely everyone scans them without batting an eyelid

  63. Peter Waher

    Wojtek: Are you also located in Chile?

  64. Wojtek

    @Peter Waher yup, for a while at least (Temuco) :-)

  65. Wojtek

    @Peter Waher yup, for a while at least :-)

  66. Peter Waher

    Wojtek: Good to know. Let’s connect over LinkedIn if you’re able, in case something comes up. I’m in Concón. Aware of others in Chile working with/interested in XMPP?

  67. techmetx11

    hi, i heard chile?

  68. Peter Waher


  69. techmetx11


  70. Wojtek

    @Peter Waher send yout the request. I'm not aware of anyone else involved in XMPP here