jdev - 2023-03-13

  1. Schimon_

    Hello, I'm looking for Neustradamus, either an groupchat he's at or his account address.

  2. Schimon_

    This is his avatar https://nitter.unixfox.eu/pic/profile_images%2F1493435214%2FPenguin_bigger.jpg

  3. Martin

    Schimon_: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Ludovic_Bocquet_Application_2023#Contacts

  4. Schimon_

    Thank you, Martin

  5. pep.

    What would be a "Good" (xep) patch for MUC affiliation iqs to behave more or less like the info we get via presence. The asymmetry always triggers me.

  6. pep.

    Ok we can get more info via iq (offline users) but..

  7. pep.

    It's fine if it isn't changed in 0045, there's 0463 in the making and it may be possible to add it there

  8. u

    vetox: and only one of these devices requests muc history via presence adx

  9. u

    06:37:38 - lovetox: then the MUC distributes this history only to that one device, agh

  10. u

    and not all andrew

  11. u

    06:37:47 - lovetox: at least that was my assumption antranigv

  12. u

    06:38:14 - lovetox: any other opinions? archiwistkaap

  13. u

    06:39:42 - lovetox: this question also has no mention here atomicwatch

  14. u

    https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Multi-Session_Nicks bootlicker

  15. u

    06:58:11 - MattJ: Yes, your assumption is correct cmb

  16. u

    06:58:44 - MattJ: Whether you are using the same nick as another session isn't really deimos

  17. u

    relevant drops

  18. u

    07:35:37 - lovetox: thanks edhelas

  19. u

    00:27:34 - Schimon_: Hello, I'm looking for Neustradamus, either an groupchat he's flow

  20. u

    at or his account address. goffi

  21. u

    00:28:03 - Schimon_: This is his avatar https://nitter.unixfox.eu/pic/profile_images% goldbeardp

  22. u

    2F1493435214%2FPenguin_bigger.jpg guus.der.kind

  23. u

    01:49:43 - Martin: Schimon_: hearty

  24. u

    https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Ludovic_Bocquet_Application_2023#Contacts homebeach

  25. Schimon_

    Thank you, Martin

  26. Martin

    What's going on?

  27. hearty

    Guten Tag

  28. Beherit


  29. Martin

    Am I the only one seeing the weird message from u and the duplicate from Schimon_?

  30. Schimon_

    It appears that u has posted a log of earlier messages