jdev - 2023-03-15

  1. flow

    and state like tcp? and the state now resides in user-space and not kernel-space. but besides that, I would hope that quics resource usage is comperable to TCP+TLS

  2. Zash

    > just UDP with some TLS, basically You said the magic word, "just". Didn't QUIC require a lot of changes in TLS libs to support, because it's actually not "just" UDP with (D)TLS?

  3. flow

    uh, emacs-jabber shows some activity. who said jabber is dead?

  4. Zash

    flow, is that a different thing from jabber.el?

  5. flow

    it's not

  6. flow

    well the emacs-jabber on codeberg is a fork from the unmaintained one from github, but supply jabber.el

  7. flow

    obviously in different versions