jdev - 2023-03-21

  1. goffi

    nicoco: do you support sending multiple files in a single message in Slidge? If so, how do you handle that? It seems that XEP-0447 doesn't support it in its current state.

  2. nicoco

    goffi: I don't right now, but I'll happily add it when clients support it. I know it's a chicken and egg problem, but at the same time for very practical reasons I want my bridged media inlined in clients I useā€¦ I think several <file-sharing> elements is the way to go? I'm also interested by hearing what client devs think about it :)

  3. nicoco

    also, right now attachments sent by slidge are defined 3 times: (1) de facto standard http upload/oob (2) xep-0385(sims) (3) xep-0447(sfs). I didn't add support for "incoming from xmpp" 0385 or 0447 yet. I'd be happy if one of the two "wins"; I have no opinion about which one should

  4. nicoco

    oh you just said the same thing in xsf@, funny =)

  5. goffi

    yes, sorry I'm writting on both rooms. So no need to repeat my arguments here :)

  6. nicoco

    I did not realise it wasn't possible to send multiple attachments with the current 0447 btw, duly noted.

  7. goffi

    It's fixable, I can write a PR, but not immediately because I have too much on the table.

  8. singpolyma

    Both of OOB and SIMS can allow multiple files, but so far we have been breaking up multi file messages for compatibility with most clients

  9. singpolyma

    I expect 0447 can too but I don't really care about that one much

  10. singpolyma

    We're just starting to edge into allowed text+image more often, we still avoid that 95% of the time for compatibility as well