jdev - 2023-03-30

  1. Arne


  2. nicoco

    ohhh congrats edhelas! is 0.22rc1 out already?

  3. edhelas


  4. edhelas


  5. Anderson

    hello. how are they?

  6. Anderson


  7. Anderson

    One question: how can I create a video calling software in python? is that I only find documentation for text messages

  8. jonas’

    you'll probably want to look into the direction of the Jingle XMPP protocol and WebRTC

  9. Anderson

    And with a server configured with Prosody and STUN/TURN it won't be enough?

  10. jonas’

    server-side that's good enough

  11. Anderson

    Do you know of any python library that can do video calls? because the aioxmpp, slixmpp and xmpppy libraries seem to work only for text messages.

  12. Anderson

    the truth has been difficult to find the documentation to make this system

  13. mathieui

    Anderson, gajim (and thus nbxmpp) has both

  14. Anderson


  15. Anderson

    Thank you! Will it be very difficult to use this library?

  16. Martin

    Isn't Gajim only supporting some old standard which is not compatible with conversations/siskin/Dino?

  17. Anderson

    it is not compatible?

  18. singpolyma

    Probably further ahead to glue libwebrtc or another WebRTC stack to one of the python libs

  19. Anderson

    What a pity. And will there be libraries for Android?

  20. Anderson

    Seriously, I'm just having trouble creating my own client

  21. singpolyma

    You're looking for Android? I thought for python?

  22. Anderson

    I am also looking for android

  23. singpolyma

    Android your best bet might be to look at the conversations codebase. It's definitely not a library but everything is there to make one

  24. Anderson

    would be two clients: one for Python and one for Android

  25. Anderson

    singpolyma I understand

  26. singpolyma

    I'd love it if the ecosystem had more complete libraries, but right now I think most libraries are used by bot and component authors and most clients don't use one 😞

  27. Anderson

    singpolyma yes, really yes, it would be great if the libraries were more complete