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  191. Miderily

    Im planning develop a image based decentralized chat platform with Xmpp. However, the servers on the platform should not be federated with other xmpp servers, that is, they should only communicate with the servers on their platform. Also on the server side I don't know where to start. Should I use an xmpp library or something else?

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  193. Miderily

    Im planning develop a image based decentralized chat platform with Xmpp. However, the servers on the platform should not be federated with other xmpp servers, i mean they should only communicate with the servers on their platform. Also on the server side I don't know where to start. Should I use an xmpp library or something else?

  194. Miderily

    Im planning develop a image based decentralized chat platform with Xmpp. However, the servers on the platform should not be federated with other xmpp servers, i mean it should only communicate with the servers on the mine platform. Also on the server side I don't know where to start. Should I use an xmpp library or something else?

  195. jonas’

    I would suggest you use an existing xmpp server software such as prosody

  196. jonas’

    why do you want to limit federation though?

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  205. Peter Waher

    Miderily: If you’re open for joint ventures, let me know. We have our own XMPP server software we can configure this way.

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  208. Miderily

    jonas’ Because I dont want to make anouther im platform. My idea different konsept of communication. It is kinda decentralized Snapchat

  209. Guus

    Miderily: My suggestion would be to start with existing server and client implementations, at least to generate a proof of concept. That will probably give you an idea of the amount of effort that's needed to tune things towards your end goal. For the time being, "should not federate with other XMPP servers" might be sufficient. That will prevent the need - at least for now - for development effort that goes into "must not / can not federate with other XMPP servers."

  210. MattJ

    Yeah, federation doesn't have anything to do with whether you are building IM or not

  211. MattJ

    You can even use public existing XMPP servers for non-IM stuff

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  215. Miderily

    actually there may not be much of a downside for my platform being federated with other xmpp servers. In the end, I have produced a client that makes it easy to share snapshots with xmpp and offers additional features.

  216. Miderily

    Guus Thx for the suggestion

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  221. Link Mauve

    Miderily, having never used Snapchat, what are snapshots?

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  227. Miderily

    Just some images. You send some images which are private to your friends and images destroy theirselfes after seening.

  228. Miderily

    Just some images. You send some images which are private, to your friends and images destroy theirselfes after seening.

  229. Link Mauve

    Thanks. :)

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  238. Peter Waher

    Miderly: You can use HTTP over XMPP (XEP-0332) to guarantee that images sent between peers cannot be seen by anyone else, including server operators (esp. if E2EE is used). No need to risk anything and delete anything from the server.

  239. Peter Waher

    (but still maintain HTTP-semantics, and integrate with browser or browser-like clients)

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  274. Miderily

    Peter Waher thanks

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  370. Anderson

    Hello! Does anyone have the documentation for using the nbxmpp library?

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