jdev - 2023-04-12

  1. Minist3r

    When will Conversations 3.0 be released?

  2. jonas’

    that's more a question for the conversations room (xmpp:conversations@conference.siacs.eu?join), and I suspect the answer will be "when it's done".

  3. freeway

    please i just bought a full info world on crd2 life but i dont know what app to use in login in so i can acq all

  4. Zash


  5. Zash

    this is the wrong place

  6. freeway

    where is the write place pls

  7. Zash

    I don't know, I don't trade in stolen credit cards.

  8. Zash

    or whatever that is, it doesn't appear to be XMPP related anyway

  9. Zash

    Definitely not related to developing XMPP things, so this is the wrong place.

  10. Guus

    It is disturbing how 'xmpp' or 'jabber' is synonym to 'shady activities' to many people.

  11. Zash

    Too much privacy protection, better implement more government backdoors I guess :)

  12. Beherit

    Unfortunately, same with tor, and platforms that offer easy access or less control

  13. pep.

    Yeah but if we get rid of such places you get prevent people from communicating in (near) life-threatening situations. And there's a lot more than one thinks

  14. Beherit

    I know, not saying we should get rid of openess etc

  15. Zash

    But hey, if you're going to ask about illegal things, why not do it in public and logged places? :D

  16. pep.

    Yeah that's..

  17. Kev

    Correct venue for purchasing black market financials: help@interpol?

  18. Beherit

    Just tell you credentials and they send personal service to your home. Good service!