jdev - 2023-04-22

  1. admin

    Hello, I'd like an account on the wiki please, I am going to add info about how to do a similar setup with haproxy as is sslh/nginx on https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Tech_pages/XEP-0368 wiki user name: Plantroon e-mail: plantroon@plantroon.com real name: Jakub Filo

  2. wurstsalat

    Ge0rG: ^

  3. lovetox

    does anyone ever setup a privacy policy

  4. lovetox

    for a xmpp client

  5. lovetox

    for example Windows Store require apps to have one if they send any data to third partys

  6. Zash

    There's e.g. https://snikket.org/app/privacy/

  7. lovetox

    i wonder if a privacy policy needs to satisfy some special requirements

  8. Ge0rG

    > The user account for Plantroon has been created. cc wurstsalat admin

  9. admin