jdev - 2023-05-25

  1. andermillanlopez2

    hello. how is everything? When making a call, I have this problem:{ "from": "user22@xmpp.qultar.com", "id": "c8ec1582-d1c3-44c9-badc-202b97f327da", "lang": "", "to": "user21@xmpp.qultar.com/_WQnHb-MLTzm", "type": "error", "error": { "condition": "service-unavailable", "type": "cancel" }, "jingle": { "contents": [ { "creator": "initiator", "name": "0", "transport": { "gatheringComplete": true, "transportType": "urn:xmpp:jingle:transports:ice-udp:1", "usernameFragment": "sovO" } } ], "sid": "17ed0000-94df-4624-86cb-d513a86ad0e7", "action": "transport-info" } }

  2. andermillanlopez2

    I am using the sample code "jingle.demo.html"

  3. Link Mauve

    andermillanlopez2, service-unavailable sounds like your recipient doesn’t do Jingle.

  4. andermillanlopez2

    I am using the sample code "jingle.demo.html" from StanzaJS

  5. Zash

    Did you send your jingle query to the bare JID of someone? Seems plausible that it must be sent to the full JID (the "to" in the error reply is a full JID)

  6. Zash

    (Since the "from" would have been the original "to", the answer is most likely yes.)

  7. andermillanlopez2

    Well, I'm using the same sample code for the recipient as the caller.

  8. andermillanlopez2

    I'm new to these topics

  9. andermillanlopez2

    and I am using the sample code "jingle.demo.html" from StanzaJS

  10. Zash

    I have to say that maybe jumping straight to calls / jingle seems like starting at the deep end when learning to swim. I never really used stanzajs, but perhaps there are other samples that start with more basic topics?

  11. andermillanlopez2

    Well, I've already been sending messages and similar things.

  12. andermillanlopez2

    I'm just trying to make calls with that StanzaJS sample code

  13. andermillanlopez2

    and besides, I already have the Prosody and Coturn servers configured correctly; and I have tried them with the "Conversations" app and everything has worked very well

  14. andermillanlopez2

    I just can't get the StanzaJS example to work

  15. Zash

    Based on the thing above, it looks like you tried to call an user account on the server, instead of another client.

  16. Zash

    Somewhere, something needs to discover an address like user22@xmpp.qultar.com/something to use, or find out how to use jingle message initiation

  17. andermillanlopez2

    I think I understand

  18. andermillanlopez2

    Do you know any JavaScript library that allows you to make video calls?

  19. Zash

    Can't say that I do, maybe someone else does. Not sure where all the JavaScript libraries have gone on https://xmpp.org/software/ :/

  20. andermillanlopez2

    In addition, I have already written to those of StanzaJS, but they do not answer me

  21. cal0pteryx

    Zash: no doap? They should be at the bottom in the "legacy" list

  22. Zash

    cal0pteryx, could also be that it selected 'Linux' as platform

  23. cal0pteryx

    I see strophe.js and xmpp.js

  24. andermillanlopez2

    @Zash I'm going to investigate more, but I doubt I'll find anything, since the library that convinced me the most was StanzaJS.

  25. andermillanlopez2

    cal0pteryx Does xmpp.js allow video calls?

  26. cal0pteryx

    I'm no expert on that. I just built the software listing

  27. Beherit

    > cal0pteryx: > 2023-05-25 07:41 (GMT+02:00) > I'm no expert on that. I just built the software listing And that very well!

  28. cal0pteryx


  29. andermillanlopez2

    cal0pteryx Thank you!