jdev - 2023-05-29

  1. pulkomandy

    hello, I have a question about xep 0372 mentions. The spec says "Mentions are a reference to a user's bare JID", but in anonymous MUC, I think I don't know what the other user's bare JID is. It seems mentions I receive (from whatever client already tries to implement this) use the occupant JID (with a resource, of course, otherwise it wouldn't identify a specific occupant), should I do the same? Am I missing something?

  2. lovetox

    pulkomandy, this spec should make use of the occupant-id

  3. pulkomandy

    yes, I know, there's a rewrite in progress: https://bouah.net/specs/mentions.html but it isn't anything official yet

  4. lovetox

    what you reference is also not more official, its just something someone published without much feedback

  5. lovetox

    do you know anyone other who is interested in implementing it?

  6. lovetox

    it would probably best to talk to them and see what makes sense

  7. lovetox

    and after implementing something that works, provide feedback on the list what changes you made for it to work

  8. pulkomandy

    we worked on it during the xmpp sprint in Lyon, I started implementing the existing spec in Renga while other people decided to rewrite the spec. I think converse.js (but it could be some other client?) is using occupant jid which contradicts the current spec, and indeed the occupant-id would make more sense but I don't think I have that working in Renga yet

  9. singpolyma

    Also assumes you have an occupant id, etc. Occupant jid makes sense to me

  10. pulkomandy

    Slightly offtopic question, when I want to make screenshots of Renga I'm annoyed because I don't want to use my own account and show what channels I'm in and who I have in my contacts. How do you all handle this? Do you have fake accounts with fake discussions just for making screenshots of your software? Is there something I could use somehow or do I have to make my own?

  11. cal0pteryx

    For Gajim I create fake conversations, yes. Quite tedious work and not easy to get right. Takes more time than expected :)