jdev - 2023-06-02

  1. Schimon_

    We're excited to announce that Wayback now supports XMPP! If you're interested in trying it out, you can send a message to wabarc@xmpp.is to experience it for yourself. Source: https://github.com/wabarc/wayback/issues/225#issuecomment-1529040816

  2. Schimon_

    Did anyone here try wabarc yet?

  3. Peter Waher

    tried, did not get a response

  4. flow

    webarc@xmpp.is: cancel: service-unavailable

  5. flow

    Accepted outbound s2s EXTERNAL authentication geekplace.eu -> xmpp.is (

  6. flow

    Accepted inbound s2s EXTERNAL authentication xmpp.is -> geekplace.eu (::ffff:

  7. flow

    logs look good

  8. flow

    Schimon, ↑

  9. flow

    I may have later time to provide an XMPP trace

  10. Schimon

    Thank you

  11. Peter Waher

    @Schimon_: From logs I can see S2S connection is established OK, messages are forwarded. Yesterday I got an error back: Service unavailable. Today when I tested again, message is just sent, no response is returned. (Also, server does not respond to XMPP ping.) I sent message to both wabarc@xmpp.is and webarc@xmpp.is in case the JID was misspelled by mistake. I’ve also tried to perform presence subscription to receive full JID. I get no responses.

  12. Zash

    Might this server require a presence subscription before allowing messages?

  13. Schimon

    The bot sometimes appears unusual and does not automatically restart when it should. The bot works fine now, and we encourage self-hosting, so if you are interested, you can head over to our documentation deployment section see more details. https://github.com/wabarc/wayback/issues/225#issuecomment-1573821362

  14. Schimon

    It says "service-unavailable"

  15. Peter Waher

    I tried with "hi", it said "URL no found"

  16. Peter Waher

    Then I tried with “http😕/xmpp.org/”

  17. Peter Waher

    no reply yet

  18. Peter Waher

    Then I tried with http://xmpp.org/

  19. Peter Waher

    Then I tried with http://xmpp.org/