jdev - 2023-06-16

  1. lovetox

    About Message Moderation

  2. lovetox

    there is a paragraph about MAM Tomestones

  3. lovetox

    and i wonder why would that be important for me as client?

  4. lovetox

    what can i not do if i simply drop all tombstones?

  5. lovetox

    is it just so i can show the user that something was moderated?

  6. lovetox

    i think its ok to show the user something was moderated if he already saw the message maybe

  7. lovetox

    but if we talk about messages that the user did not even see, thats the case when i receive a tombstone via MAM .. how useful is it to tell someone that something was moderated

  8. singpolyma

    Yes, it's so you have the option to show that something was moderated

  9. singpolyma

    I like this because otherwise you get a history full of people reacting to something that isn't there

  10. lovetox

    but it is not there

  11. lovetox

    you can not show to what they reacted ..

  12. lovetox

    but yeah .. i just wonder if a spammer spams your channel

  13. lovetox

    and moderator removes all

  14. lovetox

    and you show the user still 50 messages but all "moderated" ..

  15. singpolyma

    You can show they reacted to "something worth moderating"

  16. Zash

    What do you do with messages locally when they are moderated?

  17. lovetox

    set a flag that they are moderated

  18. Zash

    So I would suggest creating an otherwise empty message entry with the moderated flag already set.

  19. lovetox

    with content that gets moderated after i downloaded it, i can at least show the user what was moderated if he wishes

  20. lovetox

    but with tombstones, its just ok someone moderated something

  21. Zash


  22. lovetox

    but yeah .. maybe i should do it like that

  23. lovetox

    Zash if i have you here, the occupant-id thing is independent of anon setting for muc right?

  24. Zash

    in prosody?

  25. lovetox

    No please tell me for all server implementations in the world :D

  26. lovetox

    yes, for prosody

  27. Zash

    independent, yes

  28. lovetox

    ok great, i hope nobody gets a horrible idea and does it only for anon mucs

  29. Zash

    is the XEP silent or unclear?

  30. Menel

    If 20 messages are moderated in a row, it would be great if the client would just show one message, telling that once or something

  31. Zash

    pretty sure you also get a second message with the moderation action itself

  32. Zash

    in the (far) future with a fastening collation ready database schema, we could probably do fancier things

  33. Zash

    like show moderated original messages to moderators

  34. Zash

    but now it's just overwritten

  35. lovetox

    im really scared about collation

  36. lovetox

    i hope this does not break all assumptions

  37. lovetox

    i definitly would not do it for something like retraction or moderation

  38. lovetox

    its so rare events in the grand scheme of things, that it makes more work than gain

  39. Zash

    my thought was essentially that each message would need its own archive, per type of thing

  40. lovetox

    stuff like chatstates / markers, are a much better target

  41. Zash

    so [user@host][store][stanza-id][class][number]

  42. lovetox

    hm can this be efficiently queried via MAM then? if you have multiple tables (archives) i guess?

  43. Zash

    We only have two tables right now, one for key-value stuff (most account data) and one for _ordered_ key-value stuff (archives, offline messages, pep items)

  44. lovetox

    i think i found something problematic

  45. lovetox


  46. lovetox

    if occupant-id is supported

  47. lovetox

    it is included in the tombstone <moderated> element

  48. lovetox

    so i guess to id the occupant who moderated the message

  49. lovetox

    the same occupant-id is not included in the <moderated> element if you receive it from the MUC live

  50. lovetox

    and because the moderated live message comes from the bare room jid

  51. lovetox

    i guess the server would not include *any* occupant-id

  52. lovetox

    not even outside of the <moderated> element

  53. Zash


  54. pep.

    Is there a place where MUC log retention time is exposed?

  55. Zash

    I don't think so

  56. pep.

    Could be done easily enough I guess? Somewhere in disco just like other config options? As an "unsigned int or infinite"?

  57. Zash

    seconds or days?

  58. Zash

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601#Durations is a thing, but I don't think we use it anywhere

  59. pep.

    Seconds I guess, but whatever people want

  60. pep.

    Seconds I guess, but whatever people want really