jdev - 2023-06-17

  1. lovetox

    Zash, MattJ: does the prosody moderation module support the MAM Tombstones?

  2. Zash


  3. lovetox

    can you tell me, the example misses the namespace on the moderated element in the tombstone

  4. lovetox


  5. lovetox

    did you miss it also in the prosody impl?

  6. lovetox

    im currently implementing the tombstone case, and wonder if i can filter on the namesapce

  7. Zash

    https://hg.prosody.im/prosody-modules/file/bb083e9f78dd/mod_muc_moderation/mod_muc_moderation.lua#l100 has a namespace

  8. lovetox

    very good, i added it also to the PR so it will be corrected on the next change

  9. lovetox


  10. singpolyma

    I think there is a PR open which rewrites the XEP to be a totally different protocol BTW, so might need to watch out for that in the future if anyone decides to implement it

  11. Zash

    The talk about removing the <apply-to> wrapper?

  12. singpolyma


  13. lovetox

    i would not call that a totally different protocol

  14. lovetox

    the changes are very small, its simply one wrapper element less

  15. lovetox

    and its a namespace bump

  16. lovetox

    so once its done, simply add a second implementation for the new namespace