jdev - 2023-06-18

  1. lovetox

    that tombstone thing is a pandoras box in my opinion

  2. lovetox

    or at least it will be source of many bugs

  3. lovetox

    the server needs to remove everything that could leak content of the message

  4. lovetox

    the only way to apply that is probably a whitelist of elements

  5. lovetox

    Zash, MattJ : is prosody injecting occupant-id into PMs?

  6. lovetox

    The XEP is saying nothing on this

  7. lovetox

    PMs are an abomination which will haunt me my whole life

  8. lovetox

    hm but with PMs, the MUC server cannot inject it into the carbons ..

  9. lovetox

    hm .. nothing stops me from forging a moderated tombstone

  10. lovetox


  11. lovetox

    with normal moderated requests, we check that it comes from the bare room jid, but in a tombstone this check can not happen

  12. lovetox

    look the bad moderator censors all my messages :D

  13. lovetox

    a server needs to filter all moderated tags out of the messages

  14. singpolyma

    > hm .. nothing stops me from forging a moderated tombstone What would you be forging? That you send an empty message. Oh I see, you're saying you could sort of claim you were moderated when you were not