jdev - 2023-06-19

  1. singpolyma

    That *seems* like a pretty tiny threat but I know some people can blow anything up

  2. moparisthebest

    Mods are abusing me! Look at the moderated message! :)

  3. Zash

    Harder to fake the corresponding message from the moderator

  4. lovetox

    How is it hard ?

  5. lovetox

    I just put my spam in the reason element.

  6. lovetox

    Bonus no client will allow to remove it

  7. lovetox

    Basically I can impersonate any person with a unremoveable message

  8. sagaracharya

    I wanted to send a message from an xmpp id foo@example.com to bar@example.com in my Lua program.

  9. sagaracharya

    Can you please help?

  10. lovetox

    what is the question? how the stanza must look like?

  11. Zash

    what do you have in terms of code, server etc already, and how far are you getting?

  12. sagaracharya

    No. I need a tool with which I can send. I was hoping some client can enable login followed by sending a msg and closing the session

  13. lovetox

    so you need a xmpp lib in lua

  14. sagaracharya


  15. sagaracharya

    Is there 1?

  16. Zash

    There's http://code.matthewwild.co.uk/verse/

  17. sagaracharya

    Aah. Got verse. Sorry for coming straight to dev channel :)

  18. sagaracharya

    Is there a verse package in NetBSD?

  19. sagaracharya

    Nope, there isn't

  20. Zash

    Not aware of any packages anywhere

  21. Link Mauve

    I don’t remember, is a JID invalid if one of its fields is larger than 1023 bytes before or after stringprep normalisation?

  22. Zash


  23. lovetox