jdev - 2023-06-23

  1. edhelas

    Ok so I'm planning to totally drop the publish-option feature in Movim for now as the support is currently broken on servers (especially ejabberd). I might add it back later.

  2. MattJ

    edhelas, what's the alternative? (I'm not aware of any safe alternative)

  3. edhelas

    Well I'll send a manual configuration of the node each time I publish

  4. MattJ


  5. edhelas


  6. edhelas

    Double the traffic but eh 🤷‍♂️

  7. MattJ

    I don't understand... what's the bug? Other clients are using publish-options

  8. edhelas


  9. MattJ

    So it's just that certain fields aren't working in publish-options

  10. MattJ

    So keep publish-options with those fields, and configure the other fields manually until ejabberd is fixed?

  11. edhelas

    No I'll just configure everything manually

  12. edhelas

    I'll not do half solutions in the code

  13. MattJ

    Okay, but I consider what you're doing to be a half solution :)

  14. MattJ

    You'll want to add publish-options back in the future anyway

  15. MattJ

    or even enable it when the server is known to not be broken

  16. MattJ

    It's safer than manually configuring

  17. edhelas


  18. lovetox

    edhelas, which field is it that you need to configure?

  19. edhelas

    A lot of them actually, why should I pick ?

  20. lovetox

    i mean, which field is that important, which ejabberd does not support

  21. lovetox

    there are definitly fields, which are nice to have, but are not essential for some functionality

  22. edhelas

    Oh nothing fancy

  23. edhelas

    <field var="pubsub#persist_items"> <value>true</value> </field> <field var="pubsub#max_items"> <value>max</value> </field> <field var="pubsub#itemreply"> <value>publisher</value> </field> <field var="pubsub#access_model"> <value>presence</value> </field> <field var="pubsub#pubsub#notify_retract"> <value>true</value> </field>

  24. edhelas

    Those fields I can configure them manually with the form config

  25. edhelas

    It's explained in the ticket

  26. lovetox

    and is this all for bookmarks 2?

  27. singpolyma

    bookmarks2 you would use access model whitelist I think

  28. lovetox

    you use this for all bookmarks xeps

  29. lovetox

    and its supported by ejabberd anyway

  30. edhelas

    I'm implementing plenty of PEP XEPs

  31. pep.

    Yeah whiltelist for bookmarks, not presence

  32. pep.

    Yeah whitelist for bookmarks, not presence

  33. edhelas

    This is for Microblog

  34. edhelas


  35. lovetox

    and max items you set to "max"?

  36. lovetox

    is this in itself even supported by ejabberd?

  37. edhelas

    It is

  38. edhelas

    Again, this exact form, I can submit it manually using a node config

  39. pep.

    Can you not fallback to configuring the node manually, when you get this error from ejabberd? Just like you would when publish-options tells you the config differs

  40. lovetox

    yeah seems easier

  41. lovetox

    the node config flow you need anyway

  42. edhelas


  43. lovetox

    its not ejabberds fault

  44. edhelas

    No, what I'll do is reconfigure the node each time I publish for now

  45. lovetox

    its just that it rejects all your publish options requests, and you end up in this flow anyway for ejabberd

  46. lovetox

    yeah but why edhelas, normally you publish with publish options

  47. lovetox

    then you get an error

  48. edhelas

    Because I have to do a big refactoring to handle those multiple request-flow in Movim

  49. lovetox

    and then you go into the reconfig flow

  50. pep.

    edhelas, and race every other client :(

  51. lovetox

    ah ok

  52. lovetox

    yeah fair enough, but just to be clear, ejabberd not supporting this makes it not really that you have to write more code

  53. lovetox

    all that code that exists now, needs always to be there, it doesnt matter if a server supports publish options or not

  54. edhelas

    Anyway, I'll figure something out

  55. lovetox

    i should look at my bookmarks 2 impl again

  56. lovetox

    i think its not often used

  57. lovetox

    i use it only if the server supports the conversion XEPs

  58. lovetox

    and i think its a rare case that they do

  59. edhelas

    But I can tell you that the state and accessibility of Pubsub in the XMPP realm is really not that great. I've been working with Pubsub for years now and I can get that new comers really don't want to handle this complexity/buggyish experience.

  60. edhelas


  61. pep.

    lovetox, yeah that's about what is recommended I guess. Re bookmarks2

  62. lovetox

    edhelas, no discussion about that, but i feel like this with many things in XMPP

  63. lovetox

    like i curse everytime if i have to thinkabout PMs

  64. lovetox

    and MAM

  65. lovetox

    and before MattJ jumps in, i meant PMs in combination with MAM :)

  66. singpolyma

    lovetox: at very least snikket has the conversion xep enabled

  67. lovetox

    also the urn:xmpp:bookmarks:1#compat ?

  68. lovetox


  69. lovetox

    i think i look for those 2

  70. lovetox

    hm no, just compat-pep and node-max features