jdev - 2023-07-06

  1. opal

    the hell i cant send a message in here

  2. opal

    ofc now i cant, screw off

  3. opal

    ofc now i can, screw off

  4. opal

    i paste an invalid jid and apparently its a damned invalid message body too lmfao

  5. sagaracharya

    Are all Android clients built in Java?

  6. sagaracharya

    Doesn't Android support C or Lua?

  7. Peter Waher

    We develop for Android in C#, but it is transformed to Android Native Java.

  8. sagaracharya

    C# is created by Microsoft right?

  9. sagaracharya

    So Android apps cannot be developed in C or other languages?

  10. msavoritias


  11. Ge0rG

    you can develop android apps in almost any language, it will be just much harder, the app will be bigger and slower.

  12. Ge0rG

    so normally you develop in java or kotlin, which is the "native" way, and can rather easily integrate code written in C/C++

  13. Peter Waher

    C# is open source and standardized and managed by multiple organizations. Microsoft invented it but donated it to the the open foundation.

  14. Peter Waher

    (Many years ago)

  15. Peter Waher

    It’s actually more open and free than what Java is (today), which is owned by Oracle, and who recently changed license agreements for using Java.

  16. Peter Waher

    but that is another story

  17. sagaracharya

    I use just C and Lua. All other languages and compilers are unnecessarily large!

  18. sagaracharya

    I would never ever code in Java, or C#

  19. Ge0rG

    all programming languages are equivalent. choose the one that's least painfull for the task.

  20. singpolyma

    You can do lots of an Android app in C if you want to, but you'll still need JVM-ish glue for UI unless you do all custom in opengl or use QML or something

  21. Guus

    Peter Waher: that's primarily about Oracle's Java implementation, not the language itself.

  22. jonas’

    Ge0rG: > all programming languages are equivalent. choose the one that's least painfull for the task. words of wisdom

  23. Peter Waher

    Guus: That’s why I wrote, it’s another story. Just a comparison: Many believe .NET to be Microsoft, and licensed and proprietary, when both language/specs (.NET Standard) and implementation (.NET Core) are open and free, and maintained by multiple parties (albeit MS invests a lot in these projects), while the same cannot be said about Java, even though you can use OpenJDK or similar open implementation, actual java implementation (by Oracle) is no longer free. A slight (and often meaningless; I agree) difference, and often opposite to what you would expect. Furthermore, looking at the binaries for Oracle’s Java implementation, they seem to indicate they actually use .NET Core for the Java VM, which is not what is expected either, but smart, as you get support from a lot of companies to maintain it.

  24. VesselWave

    Hello, has this repo had any tags or releases? https://github.com/Syndace/libxeddsa . It is very important for packaging. I tried to write to Syncdace, he hasn't answered.

  25. singpolyma

    You can't package without a tag?

  26. VesselWave

    I can, but it's not very convenient. I think tags were there. In this repo versions are specified https://github.com/Syndace/python-xeddsa

  27. VesselWave


  28. VesselWave

    And without tags version would be: version-revision.hash 0-0.8ab957a

  29. lovetox

    how can we help you, if the maintainer does not answer?

  30. MattJ

    Syndace: 👆🙂

  31. Syndace

    Ah sorry I forgot

  32. Syndace

    There's a version file, use that

  33. Syndace

    VesselWave: ^

  34. VesselWave

    Thank you. What file is easiest to parse .readthedocs.yaml ?

  35. Syndace

    src/version.c is the one I'd use

  36. VesselWave

    Thanks a lot. Finally something will continue. Hope to contribute a lot more to XMPP