jdev - 2023-07-17

  1. msavoritias

    the roster is uploaded on the server for presence purposes, usability (remote stuff, add roster by default and such) and being available on all devices right?

  2. msavoritias

    at least thats the main reasons i can think of

  3. msavoritias

    right the rfc says about devices

  4. jonas’

    pretty much yes

  5. msavoritias


  6. jonas’

    some people have prototyped or discussed an encrypted-at-rest roster

  7. msavoritias

    so only one client can decrypt it? That sounds complicated /thinking

  8. msavoritias

    so only the client can decrypt it? That sounds complicated /thinking

  9. jonas’


  10. jonas’

    the server can decrypt it but only after the client has authenticated

  11. jonas’

    the idea would be that you trust your server to some extent, but don't want to be caught up in a random data breach

  12. msavoritias

    ah so when all clients are offline then the roster is encrypted?

  13. jonas’


  14. jonas’

    the data on disk is encrypted, and the data is only kept in memory while at least one session is connected.

  15. msavoritias

    makes sense

  16. jonas’

    with always-online clients that's less useful than it used to be, but it helps with dormant/inactive account data being vulnerable.

  17. msavoritias


  18. Zash

    Or just full disk encryption

  19. jonas’

    FDE is the "pull disk from server" case, not "random data breach"