jdev - 2023-08-11

  1. moparisthebest

    wgreenhouse: you *can* do webrtc over Tor, it's just you might not want to for latency reasons

  2. moparisthebest

    If your reason isn't privacy and is instead the free domain, not needed

  3. wgreenhouse

    moparisthebest: sure, latency makes it more like ptt sort of feel. radio to the moon

  4. qy


  5. lovetox

    whats the opinion on showing the message the user typed vs showing the message the MUC reflected

  6. lovetox

    im leaning toward showing what was reflected

  7. lovetox

    though that makes searching for it impossible ..

  8. qy

    Show what was sent until reflected?

    πŸ‘οΈ 1
  9. singpolyma


  10. lovetox

    of course thats not up for discussion

  11. lovetox

    i will not invent some text before i see the reflection

  12. lovetox

    the problem is mostly the pastbin mods

  13. lovetox

    im not aware of any other mods where MUC change messages

  14. lovetox

    and for pastbin mods its really problematic, because if the pastebin does not serv the content anymore its lost even for the user

  15. lovetox

    incoming someone who points at some XEP to announce limits

  16. lovetox

    and if i would know the limit i could send a snippet file myself which i can store and preserve and pastebin would never bother me

  17. Zash

    there's a plugin that strips file sharing metadata, turning those into a regular message with an url

  18. moparisthebest

    > im not aware of any other mods where MUC change messages Biboumi changes a single message to one message per line

  19. Zash

    perhaps it can be treated as a correction

  20. lovetox

    i think i would only look the body of the reflection

  21. Zash

    if you keep previous versions for diffing etc, maybe?

  22. lovetox

    meh ..

  23. lovetox

    maybe i should just mark the message as changed by the server or something

  24. lovetox

    but pastebin .. so ugly

  25. singpolyma

    The pastebin mods are a crime I agree, but IMO the client should still show what others actually see

  26. Zash

    pastebins will remain until all clients support pasting logs and config files into file sharing

  27. lovetox

    i have that on my list

  28. singpolyma

    Except I don't want logs or config files in file sharing πŸ˜› I want them inline

  29. Zash

    and/or collapse them so nobody can send me 1000 screens worth of text

  30. singpolyma

    Client doing it is worse because then it'll happen in my MUCs too

  31. lovetox

    singpolyma, would that not be a option on your side to display it inline

  32. lovetox

    why does the sending client need to care how you want to view stuff

  33. singpolyma

    Sure, I guess if clients start pastebinning like it's 1999 I can write un-pastebin stuff 🀷

  34. moparisthebest

    biboumi (and presumably other transports) will continue to need to split and mangle messages though

  35. lovetox

    do you not develop a smartphone client Oo

  36. singpolyma

    moparisthebest: oh yeah, I'm not against mangling

  37. singpolyma

    Just against pastebins

  38. lovetox

    how do you display a 500 line file there inline?

  39. lovetox

    sounds wrong on many levels

  40. singpolyma

    Well, it's sensible to collapse long messages especially with code blocks. Slack and discord do this and I expect to do the same eventually

  41. lovetox

    ok, i always felt i want to view files in software that is dedicated to display and work with that file

  42. singpolyma

    Especially on mobile I have no such software

  43. singpolyma

    Browser is very bad at it on mobile especially

  44. singpolyma

    When people send me a pastebin link they get a "I guess I'll look when back at desktop" reply

  45. lovetox

    because you think you can display a text file better in your client than a browser?

  46. singpolyma

    Than a pastebin website? Yes for sure. Much faster too

  47. jonas’

    yep certainly

  48. lovetox

    for me its just text in a browser not a website

  49. lovetox

    but i guess your pastebin might be different

  50. jonas’

    syntax highlighting though

  51. singpolyma

    And mobile browsers hate text/plain stuff unfortunately

  52. lovetox

    or maybe you accept that a smartphone is not the right device to look at big amounts of text, and simply look at it on the desktop

  53. lovetox

    which has the bonus that you dont need to invent some sophisticated text view that handles big amounts of text on a smartphone screen

  54. pulkomandy

    I know people who read entire books on their smartphones

  55. lovetox

    books have the nice bonus that the text does not depend on where it wraps :)

  56. lovetox

    and i read paper books which are smaller than a smartphone

  57. singpolyma

    I have to carry the smartphone already though so the book is an extra thing ;)

  58. qy

    At the very least, its also horrible to have to context switch by literally switching app

  59. qy

    Reddit apps get around this by having internal viewers and webviews

  60. qy

    Much nicer

  61. lovetox

    on smartphone many things are horrible

  62. lovetox

    on a desktop i would never want my client to start displaying big textfiles

  63. lovetox

    apart from the fact that it would be horrible performance wise

  64. singpolyma

    When I worked at slack companies we used that all the time on desktop. Nice to be able to just see what someone is talking about without going off somewhere else

  65. lovetox

    not sure we are talking about the same thing, but i can send you a 10 MB Gajim log file, and you tell me from "a look" what i am talking about

  66. singpolyma

    Yes, that's quite different. 10MB won't fit in a stanza anyway. Or in most pastebins

  67. wgreenhouse

    lovetox: transports (e.g. biboumi on encountering a multi-line message, which is illegal in IRC) also rewrite when reflected

  68. lovetox

    you didnt make this destinction before though, Zash said, people should send log files and config as files, which you replied to > Except I don't want logs or config files in file sharing πŸ˜› I want them inline

  69. lovetox

    but i understand now you meant "small" files

  70. singpolyma

    I guess I assumed Zash was talking about ones people might paste now. The sort that get caught by pastebin mods

  71. lovetox

    whats the common allowed stanza size these days?

  72. lovetox

    ah lets leave it :D im tired

  73. lovetox

    yeah i agree a text view for files < 100 lines, scrollable, i could find useful

  74. lovetox

    but its much easier to display this correctly to the user, if it is indeed sent *as file*

  75. lovetox

    because if he just pastes 100 lines, and its just a long message

  76. lovetox

    its kind of weird to show it in a view scrollable with syntaxhighlighting

  77. singpolyma

    I think stanza size is around 256k these days?

  78. Menel

    Everyone talking as if they don't all use https://modules.prosody.im/mod_swedishchef.html πŸ™‚ You see there was a time when conversations *didn't* show the reflected message, so you were wondering why nobody understood your messages....... Until you realized you loaded that module globally πŸ˜‚