jdev - 2023-08-17

  1. pep.

    "edhelas> When a message is edited, is it wise to reset the "read" status ?" I think I've observed clients to that yeah, notify / reset read status when a messages is edited. Maybe Conversations, maybe even poezio. And it's confusing, as most of the time one doesn't notices the edition

  2. pep.

    re cheogram and punycode, I wonder if any other client handles this.. Also singpolyma you don't actually need to introduce <nick/> in there right? (even though I think it's a good path towards removing the resource)

  3. pep.

    For the moment <nick/> only introduces vulnerabilities I guess, as mentioned in the commit message

  4. singpolyma

    pep.: The general purpose of the experiment is to introduce <nick/> but yes you're right if I just wanted the hack I could just punycode decode and be done with it