jdev - 2023-09-21

  1. Ge0rG

    IIRC yes for Gajim. That said, people have laptops too.

  2. lovetox

    No gajim does not

  3. opal

    shocked dino doesn't, seeing as they are making attempts to target linux mobile (or i got the impression of that)

  4. lovetox

    i would be suprised if its a explicit goal of the project to target phones

  5. lovetox

    i mean the homepage says on its landing page in the first sentence

  6. lovetox

    > Dino is a modern open-source chat client for the desktop.

  7. opal

    explicit? no, hence "making attempts" due to what ive seen on the bugtracker

  8. Zash

    statements of the form "I'm chocked <software developed by volonteers> doesn't support <some feature>" isn't very constructive

  9. opal

    it was an observation not a complaint Zash and i suggest you stop misconstruing what i say because this is the second time youve done that

  10. opal

    lot of people riding my ass today i dont want you to be the next

  11. opal

    if i have to remind you, *i speak as a developer*

  12. opal

    so stop patronising me, thanks

  13. opal

    in fact not only is it the second time you misconstrued, you did it in precisely the same way: assuming i put any additional responsibility upon foss devs with anything i say

  14. opal

    so yeah im tired of you treating me like a child

  15. lovetox

    opal, this seems like a overreaction, Zash just said sentence of these form are not very constructive

  16. opal

    he was 100% clear about how he interpreted my message and my reply was 100% clear about how i take to that in kind.

  17. lovetox

    and if you think about it, using the word "shocked" certainly adds a lot of emotion into that sentence

  18. opal

    yeah im genuinely surprised but it wasnt because i was begging developers of a client i dont even use, to add CSI

  19. lovetox

    maybe its a language barrier thing

  20. opal

    can i not be emotive? this aint allowed?

  21. opal


  22. lovetox

    but shocked, is different from suprised

  23. lovetox

    shocked conveys that something bad has happend

  24. lovetox

    suprised, does not do that

  25. lovetox

    in that sense i would see how someone could believe that you thought dino did not the job you expected it to do

  26. opal

    lovetox, to give context: anything that the core gnome/gtk project, poettering, mozilla... anyone i have a low opinion of already, i am not shocked by any of *their* lack of support for anything or their awful decisions, i'm simply disappointed

  27. opal

    you'll see me be disappointed if i direct my distaste at any developers

  28. opal

    not shocked

  29. opal

    dino is trying, so i dont have a strong voice at all there regardless of my word choice

  30. opal

    hope that clears it up

  31. lovetox

    just saying, we all need to interpret words here, and its even harder if there is a language barrier, i doubt Zash wanted to treat you as a child, rather i believe he felt he needs to defend the dino developers in some way, because of the word choice :) So lets file this under miscommunication.

  32. opal

    fair enough i just hope to god this pattern doesnt repeat

  33. opal

    i should have enough latitude and respect shown to me, to at least give me the benefit of the doubt enough to ask what i truly intended before going immediately to "what you said isnt constructive"

  34. opal

    and with that im done