jdev - 2023-10-03

  1. vanor15

    Hello, please I want to start developping with xmpp. And I need advices for starting a simple chat app for testing, can someone help?

  2. MattJ

    vanor15: welcome! What systems/languages are you most familiar with?

  3. psychhim

    anybody on Nostr?

  4. lovetox

    how do clients call the muc subject in GUI?

  5. lovetox

    "Subject" ? in Gajim i have it as "Topic" in one place

  6. lovetox

    I would like to change it to something thats used by most clients

  7. singpolyma

    I think topic is what I usually see

  8. Guus

    Given vanor15's question earlier today, I started building stupid simple documentation that contains minimal examples of connecting a client library to Openfire. Are there client/library devs here that can contribute an example for their project? Here's one that I did for Smack, that you can use as a template: https://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/blob/50bf2fbdaa1e0c9f14423437aec014b99b4fb5cd/documentation/client-minimal-working-example-smack.html

  9. Kev

    All you need is a DSL that can compile down to API calls for all the different client projects :D

  10. Guus

    Looking forward to your PR, Kev!

  11. lovetox

    what is special about openfire that it needs extra examples?

  12. lovetox

    i would expect every client library to have an example how to connect to a server

  13. lovetox

    are they not good enough?

  14. lovetox

    A list with links to examples in the client library repos would be probably easier to maintain

  15. Guus

    Apparently not for everyone - I'm getting frequent questions (from primarily very novice developers). It is often the simple stuff, like a port number or a websocket endpoint URL that's slightly different from the server-agnostic examples in the project's examples.

  16. Kev

    The cynic in me suspects that if you make the first example simple enough that someone who can't cope with changing an address in an example can use it, it just delays the questions until they get to the second example.

  17. Guus

    My aim is to add a very simple example for a good deal of libraries, that in one page shows them how to setup Openfire (including preprovisioned test accounts) and a simple client implementation that works out of the box.

  18. Guus

    Kev: good. Then we've got engagement. :)

  19. Kev

    I somehow suspect you're a more patient man than me.

  20. Guus

    also: do not underestimate how overwelming a bunch of moving parts are, if you do not know where to look.

  21. Kev

    Oh, I know :)

  22. Guus

    But hey, maybe I'm completely wrong - but I've been able to come up with pages for three projects in a couple of hours, so the investment is not _that_ big anyway.

  23. Kev

    I just think the solution is to present the necessary concepts in a way that's easy enough to understand at a sensible pace, rather than simplifying examples so far that someone doesn't learn anything from following them. But I'm happy to just be being a grumpy old man, I commend you for your efforts.

  24. Guus

    You're right, but I do not have time for _that_ :)

  25. Kev

    I know I'm biased, but I think the basics of TDG still hold up very well. Obviously there's holes for the modern ecosystem, but I think for concepts one could still do a lot worse.

  26. Zash

    Inb4 TDG Java Edition by Guus?

  27. Zash

    Also, The Definitely Modern XMPP book when?

  28. Guus

    Kindly refer to my previous message.

  29. Kev

    > Also, The Definitely Modern XMPP book when? I do get tempted sometimes to see if O'Reilly would be up for a 2ed. Then I remember I hate writing, and that I have too many spare time projects already.

  30. Zash

    Just Say No. (To all those other side projects) :P

  31. Kev

    One day it would be nice to finish one of the games I'm writing. Never going to happen...

  32. singpolyma

    Is O'Reilly still a thing?

  33. Trung

    what's that?

  34. Zash


  35. Kev

    Maybe they're not publishing books any more, I don't know.