jdev - 2023-10-10

  1. Squeaky Latex Folf

    What's a good library for an XMPP (MUC) bot?

  2. moparisthebest

    Squeaky Latex Folf: https://github.com/moparisthebest/ash is built with xmpp-rs for now

  3. Squeaky Latex Folf

    But is xmpp-rs well-documented?

  4. Squeaky Latex Folf

    Or is it just WIP?

  5. moparisthebest

    Sorry, tokio-xmpp not xmpp-rs

  6. moparisthebest

    Yea I'd say it's well documented

  7. Squeaky Latex Folf

    I couldn't find the docs when I looked

  8. moparisthebest


  9. moparisthebest

    Where did you look? :/

  10. Squeaky Latex Folf


  11. Squeaky Latex Folf

    tokio_xmpp looks kinda low-level

  12. Guus

    sweet - can I use that to connect to a server that has a self-signed cert?

  13. moparisthebest

    Docs for rust crates will be on docs.rs and linked from their crates.io page

  14. moparisthebest

    xmpp-rs is more high level iirc

  15. moparisthebest

    Guus: uh probably not, without something like https://github.com/FiloSottile/mkcert anyway

  16. singpolyma

    Squeaky Latex Folf: what language/stack are you looking for?

  17. Squeaky Latex Folf

    I'm a C programmer, but I just want to write a simple MUC bot, without having to reinvent the wheel too much with reimplementing MUC and such that is probably required in e.g. libstrophe

  18. Squeaky Latex Folf

    So I'm open-minded to whatever language stack has a more full-featured high-level XMPP library

  19. moparisthebest

    Take ash, hack whatever you want into it, done

  20. Squeaky Latex Folf

    I've seen some bots use slixmpp