jdev - 2023-10-16

  1. lovetox

    question about MUC

  2. lovetox

    must the MUC service always add a 110 status code to presence if it is my own presence?

  3. lovetox

    like not only on room join at the end, also if i send a presence while im already joined, and the MUC broadcasts this presence to another device of mine

  4. lovetox

    would this presence contain the 110 status code?

  5. singpolyma

    I don't think so

  6. lovetox

    does a muc even broadcast presence to my other devices?

  7. MattJ

    Multi-session was a later addition, and the spec doesn't say how to combine presence. Prosody selects one resource as the "leader" and will broadcast that one.

  8. MattJ

    And Prosody will include the status code that tells you it's your presence, I believe that to be the correct behaviour and I had (until now) not doubted that everyone interpreted it the same

  9. lovetox

    yeah thats what i would expect, thanks