jdev - 2023-10-23

  1. lovetox

    edhelas, do you publish pubsub node config values with "1" or "true"

  2. lovetox

    i tested on movim server which has the newest ejabberd version, and publish options seem broken for me

  3. lovetox

    see https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/issues/4106

  4. edhelas

    Well well well :p

  5. edhelas

    Who's wrong, who's right ?

  6. edhelas

    Seems to work for me 🤔

  7. edhelas

    I publish with 1 or 0 indeed, but I'll switch to true and false, it's cleaner

  8. lovetox

    it definitly should not matter if 1 or true, its equivalent

  9. lovetox

    but i think ejabberd devs forgot that in the publish options compare code

  10. edhelas

    Yes, but I'll still move to true/false

  11. edhelas

    I prefer to have this format, easier when you read the XML

  12. lovetox

    of course, but its broken right now, and this means its broken for your users if they use clients who use "true/false"

  13. lovetox

    so dont wonder when people complain about bookmarks

  14. edhelas

    Boom done

  15. edhelas


  16. lovetox

    not sure i understand your move, i tell you your server is broken and does not accept true/false values, and you go ahead and change it to true/false ?

  17. edhelas

    Oh, I though the other way around

  18. edhelas

    But it actually works with true/false as well

  19. edhelas

    Just tested

  20. lovetox

    if you read the ejabberd issue, where i posted the publish code, it does not

  21. lovetox

    and this was on movim

  22. lovetox

    it always returns "conflict" error

  23. lovetox

    do you use publish options for publishing bookmarks?

  24. edhelas

    Ok, ah, maybe with publish options

  25. lovetox

    Oo are you saying you publish bookmarks without publish options?

  26. edhelas

    I have both

  27. edhelas

    publish-options and a fallback

  28. edhelas

    Same error with 1/0 and true/false for me

  29. edhelas

    lovetox https://github.com/movim/movim/blob/master/src/Moxl/Xec/Action/Bookmark2/Set.php#L45

  30. lovetox

    so maybe the publish options are in general broken in ejabberd?

  31. lovetox

    but i did remember you said you tested this :D

  32. edhelas

    There was another issue, but that should have been fixed

  33. edhelas


  34. edhelas

    Looks like its not fixed yet...

  35. sxavier

    Could anyone suggest a library that supports OMEMO MUCs? I've been using slixmpp-omemo for a few utility bots on my OMEMO private group chats. It looks like omemo-backend-signal has been archived and slixmpp-omemo hasn't been actively developed recently. If I eventually need to switch, what's available? (I'm using Python, but could try to learn Rust)