jdev - 2023-10-30

  1. sxavier

    Is slixmpp-omemo still accepting code contributions (for the examples directory)?

  2. pep.


  3. pep.

    You can also join xmpp:slixmpp@muc.poez.io?join for a more specific channel

  4. pep.

    Could something else use <identity type='text' category='conference'/> or is it only 0045? Looks to me like this is falsely generic. MIX has defined its own @type value.

  5. singpolyma

    yea, anything else that is a text group chat with nothing more specific for type should use that

  6. singpolyma

    To determine MUC I also look for the MUC feature var

  7. Beherit

    Dear community, please remind to sign-up for the XMPP Summit 26 or at least tell that you are considering to join (and maybe reasons that prevent you). That very much helps organisation. https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Conferences/Summit_26#Summit_Participants If you have no access please ask the members to help you. Cheers, Eddie