jdev - 2023-11-14

  1. edhelas

    I found a quite old implementation of libsignal-js in WebAssembly, wondering if it could help with our current OMEMO implementation state in the browsers

  2. edhelas


  3. edhelas

    I'm kinda blocked with the outdated and unmaitained libsignal-js library that has horrible performances to fit with OMEMO :/

  4. singpolyma

    I was looking at the omemo code in converse.js yesterday and it looks pretty good?

  5. edhelas


  6. edhelas

    The code look ok, the performances should be the same as Movim

  7. edhelas

    The encoding/decoding is in the main JS thread, so blocking everything

  8. edhelas

    Also the I/O rely on some JS interface that is kinda slow

  9. edhelas


  10. singpolyma

    Encoding/decoding you mean the base64?

  11. edhelas

    encrypting/decrypting I mean

  12. edhelas

    The whole ratchet process thing

  13. singpolyma

    When I looked encrypt/decrypt was being done with crypto subtle built into browser, I thought?

  14. edhelas

    Maybe its the message I/O with the storage layer

  15. edhelas

    I'll give it another try, see if I overlooked something

  16. Beherit

    We are starting the workshop in about 45 minutes, lobby is officially open in 30. Everyone interested welcome. Join: https://teamjoin.de/XMPPVisionandStrategicWorkshop https://fosstodon.org/@xmpp/111405455575621613

  17. meson

    Beherit: will this workshop be recorded?

  18. meson


  19. Beherit

    meson: sorry no, but I think you managed, right? anyone who still want to provide input, we can do it together as followup

  20. meson

    Beherit: yeah I had passively followed with one ear :)

  21. Beherit

    Okay :-)

  22. blue

    is there someone familiar with OMEMO 2 concept? Can someone validate if one of my accounts has garbage in bundles/devices pep nodes?