jdev - 2023-12-07

  1. Schimon

    Nice video "XMPP Clients Overview" https://video.simplifiedprivacy.com/xmppclients/

  2. Guus

    I kinda pressed 'pause' two seconds in.

  3. pep.

    Hmm yeah me too. Not going any further

  4. Schimon

    > About the video you posted in jdev, I couldn't comment on the website because the captcha thing is broken but here are a few fixes to what I heard: > - OMEMO is now integrated into gajim and is not an external plugin anymore > - OTR is deprecated and generally considered worse than OMEMO by cryptography experts > - Pidgin is overall a bad XMPP client that lacks support for several features considered must-haves in 2023 I agree x3.

  5. Schimon

    I think the one who spoke in that video, has just done it in a way is good to attract more people.

  6. Schimon

    I think we need more videos with a spoker like him.

  7. MattJ

    FWIW the Pidgin devs are actively working on their new XMPP stack

  8. MattJ

    (e.g. https://mastodon.social/@grimmy/111537763238239062 )