jdev - 2023-12-26

  1. singpolyma

    I spent some time just now digging into this, and my options for math layout engines to use on android are... not awesome. There is one, ish, which is unmaintained but might work. Or I can use a javascript one (no need for webview, but still...) or I can translate/write something. Which I may do, but it certainly moves it from "lets just try this" to a major project

  2. ManDay

    Yes, I was afraid that would be the case. May I ask which JS one which you can use without Webview that is?

  3. singpolyma

    At least mathjax has a nodejs version

  4. ManDay

    Is nodejs something that's readily available on android?

  5. singpolyma

    It is, sure. But I'd probably do a translation if it got past prototype

  6. ManDay

    Always thought of nodejs as big, heavy server framework. not sure what to think about it being used as part of an app