jdev - 2024-01-03

  1. ManDay

    I do not disagree that there may be no benefit to an XMPP client receiving push notifications.

  2. ManDay

    > the one thing an XMPP client does well is receive push notifications depends on what you mean by "push notifications", but XMPP is not *Unified Push*, and I think it's wrong that an XMPP client attempts to incorporate a distinct role which was meant for a distinct app, the UP distributor. I'd say that there is no realistic, ideal, redundancy-free architectur, but just in my opinion compromising the UNIX philosophy rather than compromising on an almost negligible performance deficit is the wrong choice.

  3. ManDay

    Of course no one is forced to actually *use* the UP implementation in conversions; but its mere existence seems to be a wrong suggestion to the user.

  4. wgreenhouse

    ManDay: if the goal is to reduce wakeups and concurrent connections held by a battery-restrained mobile device, that seems like a convincing argument for its existence.

  5. wgreenhouse

    and a call for empirical testing as opposed to statements that something is against an ideology

  6. ManDay

    Just how much battery would retaining an additional open connection (as opposed to polling) consume, you think? And if you think of the UNIX philosophy an abstract "ideology" rather than a principle which is founded in practical experience, oh well....

  7. jonas’

    an open connection over which no data is sent costs zero.

  8. jonas’

    due to how crappy mobile networks are, you need to send at least a ping every ~14 minutes or so

  9. jonas’

    due to how crappy mobile networks are, you may need to send at least a ping every ~14 minutes or so

  10. singpolyma

    And actual polling will always be worse. Push directed polling if done well could be about the same or a bit worse

  11. singpolyma

    Push notifications in the classic sense with no polling unless the user opens the app might be better if the user opens the app quite rarely

  12. jonas’

    (and for the regular ping, there could easily be OS support for this on mobile OSes which wakes you up at a "nat keepalive interval" to send some stuff down your pipes. then all apps can do it at the same time, which is better for radio efficiency or so I hear)

  13. Zash

    (might vary depending on radio tech?)

  14. jonas’

    (might; in any case, the OS should know that)

  15. Zash

    But does it tell apps?

  16. jonas’

    obviously not :)

  17. Zash

    nice things, unavailable??? imagine my chock!

  18. andrey.utkin

    May I ask for a wiki account? the goal is to declare my interest in participation in https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Conferences/Summit_26 desired username is AndriyUtkin, email autkin@decent.im

  19. moparisthebest

    Alex can do that at least ^

  20. Alex

    yes, I need you preferred nickname, email adress and optional real name. Then I can create an account for you

  21. Alex

    andrey.utkin, you should get Email in a minute

  22. Alex

    The user account for AndriyUtkin (talk) has been created. You should have mail with temp password

  23. andrey.utkin

    thanks Alex