jdev - 2024-01-04

  1. ManDay

    singpolyma: how would you optimally want a mathml layouter? kotlin and compose?

  2. singpolyma

    ManDay: probably?

  3. ManDay

    what's that mean?

  4. singpolyma

    It means I don't know for sure what that would look like but those seem like popular words

  5. debacle

    Is there a way for the client to set the roster of an account in one go? Like a pubsub whitelist? Or does the client have to add and remove accounts always one by one?

  6. lovetox

    why would that matter?

  7. lovetox

    when i remember correctly its one by one

  8. lovetox

    ah no my bad

  9. lovetox


  10. lovetox


  11. lovetox

    seems to be an IQ where you can add multiple items

  12. lovetox

    ah no again wrong

  13. lovetox

    > The <query/> element MUST contain one and only one <item/> element.

  14. lovetox

    > The <query/> element MUST contain one and only one element.

  15. Zash

    Send a whole bunch of <presence type=subscribe> all at once

  16. debacle

    Zash, so I can put multiple <presence/>-Elements in one <iq/>? (Sorry, don't find the schema right now.)

  17. singpolyma

    No, they don't go in an iq at all

  18. singpolyma

    But you can send them "in a row" all at the same time

  19. debacle

    Ah, without waiting for a reply. I see.

  20. singpolyma

    Presence doesn't get a reply anyway

  21. debacle


  22. singpolyma

    You can also send multiple iq without waiting for reply though for sure. So this kind of operation most people ignore/discard the reply anyway unless error

  23. debacle

    I'll pass that info to my colleague, who was struggling with the roster today.

  24. debacle

    Thanks, everyone!

  25. Zash

    I don't think you can do more than add subscription=none items with a roster iq-set anyway, can you? Name and groups of course, so I guess you'll need both in the end?

  26. debacle

    Zash, it is an IoT thingy. We probably use only JIDs.

  27. lovetox

    Zash: only value allowed is remove

  28. lovetox

    Or no attribute at all

  29. lovetox

    its insane, tried to get into javascript, fail at finding a library that parses xml into a dom

  30. singpolyma


  31. lovetox

    you probably wrote your own parser i guess?

  32. singpolyma

    you're looking for a javascript xml parser?

  33. lovetox

    one that parses the xml into somekind of dom, like webapi domparser

  34. singpolyma

    you want for node i guess so you can't use ones built into browser?

  35. lovetox

    webapi domparser is for html as i understand it, i looked at the methods and its targeted at finding css selectors and stuff

  36. lovetox

    of course i could use it for xml which is not html, but it feels like there should be something better suited out there

  37. singpolyma

    https://github.com/jsdom/jsdom https://www.npmjs.com/package/ltx

  38. singpolyma

    the latter is used by xmpp.js

  39. lovetox

    thanks will look into it