jdev - 2024-01-10

  1. viyan

    In my game, I'm sending the player's role as `player` when he/she joins the game to the component, then it will send me `presence_tag` like this, I'll get this after some processing in the backend! <presence from="9de4ec85-0a7d-4a84-8da5-f8386ffec3af@classica.game.org/one" to="f1247359-d67c-4c1b-8c07-53b3f608304e@world.com" xmlns="jabber:client"><game xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/mug"><item jid="f1247359-d67c-4c1b-8c07-53b3f608304e@world.com" affiliation="member" role="player"/></game></presence> So the user's status within the room is `player`. But I want to change the user's role to `visitor` when I click the button from my front-end. How to do this?

  2. viyan

    Ok, can anyone tell how to change the occupants role from one to another --> `player` to `watcher`

  3. viyan

    Kev _root Ok, can anyone tell how to change the occupants role from one to another --> `player` to `watcher`

  4. nicoco

    viyan: I don't know about mug, bit in MUCs, it is done with an IQ, eg https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#example-94

  5. viyan

    nicoco I don't know what to do 😞

  6. nicoco

    viyan: it's not clear to me what your "game" is and your "front-end" is. Are you developing a game that uses XMPP? What library are you using? …?

  7. viyan

    nicoco yes. I am creating a game using xmpp. Using `xmpp/client` for front-end (i.e., normal web app with html, css and js) and `xmmp/component` for backend.

  8. nicoco

    I've never used these libs so I can't help, sorry… :S Maybe someone else here will be able to help better.

  9. viyan

    nicoco it's ok 🙂

  10. flow

    hmm how did viyan end up using the mug namespace with is appearantly from https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/multi-user_gaming.html

  11. edhelas

    goffi what is the current state of the ActivityPub <=> XMPP bridge ? There's a few Mastodon accounts that i'd like to follow using my XMPP account :)

  12. edhelas

    Ah looks like that you'll talk about it at the FOSDEM :p

  13. goffi

    edhelas: working, just a few adjustements to do before release, notably add signature to GET requests so that it will work with Mastodon instances in secure mode (relatively easy to do, I just need to find time).

  14. edhelas

    Is there some pre-releases of the bridge that I can deploy on my instance ? Wondering what is the compatibility with Movim

  15. singpolyma

    Yes, if you get latest dev version of libervia you can run the bridge

  16. singpolyma

    It is packaged as part of it

  17. edhelas

    singpolyma are you running it ?

  18. singpolyma

    Not in production yet. I keep meaning to but hasn't happened.

  19. edhelas


  20. goffi

    note that I've a major outage on my server today, it may take a few days to put everything back online, including repos of the AP gateway.

  21. Ge0rG

    goffi: good luck with it!

  22. goffi

    Thanks, not a fun day, and in addition I'm sick ^^. Anyway, a good lesson to review my backup policy.