jdev - 2024-01-12

  1. debacle

    Imagine the following use case: An anonymous MUC for music lovers, people listening to their favourite songs. Now everyone likes to see, what the others are listening to. User tune is PEP based, so no chance, right? Needs a MUC proxy for users PEP?

  2. goffi

    I had a experimental feature a long time ago where a song was played by somebody on the MUC and announced there, and downloaded and played simultaneously by other compatible participants.

  3. goffi

    It's the simplest way IMHO, just send a specific element to the MUC in a <message> stanza.

  4. debacle

    goffi That feature is nice. Sending it in message, hm, didn't though about that. No changes at server side, special handling only at client side... good idea.

  5. goffi

    I could show you some screenshot/blog article on the feature, but my websites are still down for the moment.

  6. goffi

    debacle: I've found some screenshot, my certificate is not right (working on it), you'll have to accept it for now: https://repos.goffi.org/sat_docs/raw-file/tip/screenshots/0.4/laclasse/sat_radiocol.png https://repos.goffi.org/sat_docs/raw-file/tip/screenshots/0.4/laclasse/sat_radiocol_invit.png https://repos.goffi.org/sat_docs/raw-file/tip/screenshots/0.4/laclasse/sat_radiocol_invit_2.png

  7. debacle

    goffi Thanks! This is what I'm looking for, indeed. Maybe at some point in the future, this feature can be revived. Did you re-use the <tune/> element from

  8. debacle


  9. goffi

    debacle: it could definitely be revived, actually the code is still there, just not exposed: https://repos.goffi.org/libervia-backend/file/tip/libervia/backend/plugins/plugin_misc_radiocol.py . I've actually developed a generic feature after that that I've also used to implement games (a card game notably), with a member of the MUC which is a "referee" and check if a move/action is valid, and other are normal players. The referee can be a bot or a player. Maybe someday I could revive and clean this to make a protoXEP.

  10. debacle

    goffi I'll ask more details in xmpp:libervia@chat.jabberfr.org?join later!